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Kate Bosworth has the perfect dress for a romantic date

Kate Bosworth has been seen walking around New York with her current boyfriend, Justin Long, with the most affectionate attitude. The couple enjoys each new date as if it were teenage love; and it is that when one is in love, one does not want (and should not) have to hide it. But this new image of the bride and groom not only raises our sugar but also increases our desire to add a gingham dress to our wardrobe; especially if there is a special meeting in sight on our agenda.

If we look back, the American actress has not been the only one to opt for this classic print for her dates. Since the Vichy paintings left the tablecloths in 1946, they have given life to the most romantic moments in the history of cinema. Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren have been some of the many icons of the seventh art who have worn this pattern on and off screen, and even Brigitte Bardot chose it for her wedding dress. With these tests, we can affirm that, officially, the Vichy paintings are the principal excellence of romanticism. And if they appear in the form of a dress, even more so.

So, popcorn in hand, it’s time to take note: the most cinematic dress of the season is from Mango and it’s still available. As we mentioned above, the garment in question has an evasé cut, puffed sleeves, and a low back that ends with crossed straps. Bosworth combines it with white sneakers that provide a casual touch and a very flattering updo. Little more can be said before running for him; It’s not every day that she feels like the protagonist of an Old Hollywood movie, right? 3… 2… 1… Action.

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