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Yes, Zendaya has been to Coachella (but not like everyone expected)

Everyone remembers Zendaya for the incredible roles she has played on the small and big screenThe actress gave life to characters like Rue Bennett in Euphoria, Chani in Dune, Anne Wheeler in The Greatest Showman, and MJ in Spiderman –along with Tom Holland, her partner-. However, Zendaya did not always pursue acting. She got her start as a singer while starring in Shake It Up, a Disney Channel original teen series.

After more than seven years away from the stage and dedicating herself to the world of cinema, Zendaya took the Coachella stage to the surprise of all those attending the Labrinth concert. The actress performed together with the British singer “I’m Tired” – a song that appears in one of the episodes of the second season of Euphoria (HBO Max) – and also “All of Us”.

“I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this magical night. Thanks to my brother Labrinth, for inviting me and for giving me a safe and beautiful space to get back on stage. And to the people who were there tonight… WOW… My heart is full and I can’t thank you enough for the love I received last night. My nerves went away instantly,” the singer said in an Instagram post after the concert.

For the occasion, Zendaya chose a look worthy of a stage star: a white T-shirt, a short pink lingerie dress, and black, lace-up, heeled boots that reached above her knees.

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