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“Only with Spinning have I noticed quick results in my abdomen, legs and my weight”

When a super-disciplined person with sports – who goes to the gym an average of 3 or 4 times a week – tells you the phrase that stars in the headline of this article, it’s for a reason. That woman I’m talking about is not exactly an amateur when it comes to sports. She has been faithful to her exercise routine at the gym for years, alternating between different disciplines. Because she, indeed, has tried almost everything: from Cross Training to Body Combat, through GAP classes, functional training, BodyPumpand the classic, very classic, aerobics. All this string is fair and necessary to understand the credibility of his words when he states that the class with which he has noticed the fastest and most evident results has been Spinning ( aka Cyclo Indoor ). Super clear results in the abdomen, in the legs – “In the thighs I have noticed a lot”, he points out – and in the weight.

A few words that are also confirmed by fitness experts and the fact that Spinning classes are the most popular in most sports centers. “We can categorically affirm that at a cardiovascular level it is one of the most effective classes that we have on the activity grid”, affirms Sergio Daza, director of Health at Zagros Sports Puerta de Europa. Jorge Herranz, director of group classes at David Lloyd Aravaca, expresses a similar bluntness: “The Indoor Cycle class is one of the classes that shows the fastest results because the number of calories burned is very high compared to most directed activities,” he explains. the expert, who also insists on how easy it is to follow this class from the beginning. “It’s unchoreographed and doesn’t need a lot of coordination,” she explains.
How many calories can be burned in one session?
Being a cardiovascular class, one of the great benefits of Spinning is fat burning. Although everything will depend on the person and the type of session, experts say that the calorie burn of a session can be between 200 and 700 calories. To which the Zagros Sports expert adds another good piece of news: “We have to bear in mind that the body continues to consume calories after the class is over. The greater the effort, the more hours the body continues to burn calories,” he points out. Of course, it is also important to take into account the point made by Jorge Herranz: when we talk about these benefits, we are ignoring effects such as gains in muscle mass or improvement in our basal metabolism, more evident in classes that work strength.

Should it be combined with other types of classes?
In line with all of the above, and since it is a cardiovascular class, it is advisable to combine its practice with other activities such as Pilates, TRX or BodyPump, or strength training in the room.
What areas of the body are toned in a Spinning session?
As both experts explain to us, the main work is on the lower body and, above all, on the legs. Although, since it is necessary to maintain stability on the bike, the abdomen and arms are also worked significantly (oh yes). Is there anything more you can ask of a class? Well, Spinning has a plus: it’s a super fun class, interactive and, as Daza points out, “with a minimum level of exposure to others, so there is no feeling of ridicule.” It all adds up.



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