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Why Cotton Sarees Are the First Choice for the Day Wedding Occasions?

You need a saree for every occasion, but nothing goes wrong when a woman is draped in a graceful cotton saree for the day-wedding occasions. It must be very fulfilling for women to get an appreciation for their looks, especially when it comes due to six yards of grace. You have a bucketful of wedding occasions to attend in the coming season and it’s natural for the dates to collide. How about attending a few of the weddings in the daytime?  Well, here comes the challenge, and that is picking the #SOTD a.k.a. saree of the day. Gone are the days of dressing up in traditional cotton sarees. Today, you have your ways of experimenting with the sarees and do not forget the blouse.

The Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata have an unmatched feel and combining them with trendy blouses may make your day! Here is what you need to know before choosing cotton sarees for daytime occasions.

Party wear for the day

Imagine dressing up for the day-wedding occasion to match the spirit of the event. While the saree you wear must be vibrant and gorgeous, it needs to reflect your persona fully. Alter the way of dress and change your focus. So, if it’s a mul cotton saree you have chosen for the day-wedding, let a Julie blouse be its accomplice. You can create an absolute party look with a bright-colored mul cotton saree and a Julie blouse to complement it and establish the 6 yards of grace in the right manner. If you buy cotton sarees online, be sure to keep a few pieces aside for the day weddings where you need to pick a few stylish choices and bring the celebrity out of who you are.

Light cotton sarees with silk blouses

Saree is undoubtedly one of the basic attires women pick for day events and weddings. It is indeed the staple attire that is revered by all. How about making a cotton saree click for the winter wedding? It’s simple. Pick a cocktail blouse in a shimmering shade and you are good to go. Choose a silk cotton blouse with embroidery at the back to create a photographic look you will love to carry for day weddings. Despite being vibrant and gorgeous with the saree and the blouse, cotton sarees are way up in the comfort quotient.

Sarees for mild winters

Winter in India is not harsh across all regions and the feeling of cold does not get to your skin until it’s the middle of December. Cotton sarees are primarily classy and stylish for those day events when you might not feel as comfortable in a silk saree. Generally, cotton handlooms are ideal for all seasons because the fabric adapts to day occasions and is never out of style. No wonder, boutique sarees in Kolkata offer cotton handlooms for the winter wedding occasion as well. Dora By Phoenix is one such boutique where cotton handloom sarees bring out the beauty in simple-looking sarees and are just what you have been looking for in the daytime rendezvous.

Simple yet stylish

During cotton sarees online shopping, you will come across a wide range of simple handloom collections. Not only are they appropriate for festivities and occasions but match the feel of the occasion. Another reason for choosing cotton sarees to drape for daytime wedding occasions is the selection of colors and patterns. Modernization has brought about different kinds of cotton sarees that are as good as other fabrics and contain print and embroidery or both. For instance, a cotton saree with heavy thread work like Kantha, tant Baluchari, or a hand-embroidered one, maybe the choice of fashionistas to grace the daytime occasion.

Unique look

If you thought that cotton sarees are only suitable for daily wear think again. The Bengal talent with borders and pallu to accentuate the fabric features a glory of its own and when matched with the right blouse looks simple yet stylish. The hand-woven cotton material with a thick texture can be draped nicely to create a perfect look.

Today artisans from different parts of the country exhibit native art and their expertise, evident in various colors and patterns. So, if you are trying to create a unique guest look on the day wedding occasion you are to attend, check out the Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata and portray exclusivity in your looks. Cotton sarees define a woman in many ways and top the list when you are trying to blend comfort with style.

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