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A plan with friends, a special cocktail and the perfect perfume to start September

September is a month of beginnings, reunions, of new opportunities. September is the gateway to living as we have always wanted, to take the routine differently. As Lancôme’s fragrance recalls, La vies est belle. And indeed, life can be very beautiful. Happiness is one step away, you just have to take it. You are hidden in the little things, the sensitive gestures, the unexpected plans that turn the routine into something you want to live. There is no better excuse in the calendar to get together with your friends, talk about summer and get excited about what is to come. To celebrate this new beginning with a schedule full of appetizing appointments and visits with which to rediscover a city like Madrid, when you thought it could no longer surprise you.

Plans that improve life, make it happier and more beautiful. Routes and visits like the ones we propose here, help make the return of summer more accessible and more appetizing. Of course, everything improves if you do them accompanied by your best friends. Spoiler alert, in the last one a surprise awaits you that we know you will like.

One of the proposals may be to explore Retiro Park, a unique place to walk and unwind. Also buy flowers that illuminate the interior of your home with their bright colors, at Sally Hambleton, Margarita is called my love, Brumalis, or Salon de Fleurs. Go to the cinema to see Journey to Paradise, the latest film by Julia Roberts, our favorite smile, ambassador of La vie est belle. Or maybe visit museums or cultural spaces like MAD, where the immersive exhibition dedicated to the work of Gustav Klimt is housed. Another infallible alternative is to share a beauty plan with friends at a beauty salon, a manicure, or maybe a facial (we recommend Mylittlemomó, The Beauty Cave, or The Secret Lab ).

For the nights, a classic, go out to dinner with your friends in one of the trendy restaurants. If you prefer the latter option, we have a surprise for you. On Friday the 23rd, Saturday the 24th, and Sunday the 25th, at the Café Comercial, Escondite de Villanueva, or Baan, they want to make you happy by offering you a welcome cocktail. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the La vie est belle cocktail, inspired by the perfume, and also take home a sample of the fragrance.

September is a month of beginnings and, celebrating its tenth anniversary, the perfume La vie est belle is more committed than ever to building a more beautiful future and writing a new chapter of happiness. Its iconic bottle is now refillable so it can be refilled over and over again, making it more sustainable.

If you are a fragrance lover like us, we do not doubt that you will love its new communication campaign: Happiness may be just one step away, you just have to take it. Life is what one does, make it beautiful.

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