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This Korean sun cream is the one you will want to use throughout the year

If there is something that all dermatologists agree on, it is the importance of using sunscreen throughout the year. Even when it’s cloudy or you’re indoors, the sun affects your skin to a greater or lesser extent. But whether or not you are aware of the essentials of using a photoprotector, we know that especially in the months when the sun does not shine so strongly, it can be (very) lazy to apply this product daily. And that sunscreens, as much as they have evolved in recent years, are not the most pleasant cosmetic to use, has a lot to do with this. The answer? Of course, the Koreans have it.

As with many other things we have learned from k-beauty – the importance of double cleansing, the power of a toner…–, Korean women are among those who most religiously use photoprotector since they are aware of how harmful it is. it may be the sun and its effect on the accelerated aging of the skin. Therefore, it had to be in a firm from that country where we were going to find the perfect sun cream. We are referring to the I’m Vegan Sun Serum from Suntique, a Korean firm specializing in this type of cosmetics, which has created this SPF 50 format from the perspective of a sun serum .

As a beauty editor who has tried countless brands, formulas, and formats – and yes, I have my favorites – I can say that I have never (never, never) tried something SO light and SO pleasant on the face. So much so that it could be said that it is the antiphotoprotector, because it does not meet any of the negative points that this cosmetic usually has. Specific:

  • It is not heavy. Its texture is the lightest that I have tried in a sunscreen (and, I repeat, there have been many), closer to a gel-cream format than the usual heavy format that we usually find in this type of product. In this way, it is immediately absorbed into the skin, even if you use a good dose.
  • Does not grease Excessively shiny skin after applying sun cream? No, thanks. As I have oily skin, one of the things that usually worries me the most about a photoprotector is spending all day feeling that my face is oily or my pores are clogged. This does not happen with this product that, once absorbed, leaves the dermis velvety and soft, as if it were not wearing anything (or better).
  • It is not white. No matter how light a photoprotector is and how well it is absorbed, always, at the first moment of application, there is a moment when you see yourself with a completely white face until you manage to distribute the product correctly all over your face (and, even so, sometimes a whitish residue remains). This does not happen with this cream, whose color disappears the instant it touches the skin.
  • It doesn’t itch. I do not have particularly sensitive skin, but even so, with certain sunscreens, I have felt an itchy sensation when applying them or I have even experienced some redness, something that tends to be exacerbated more in reactive faces. Not only does this not happen with this Suntique cream, but it also contains houttuynia cordata extract, a plant used to soothe irritations and prevent pore clogging. It is also free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, being respectful of aquatic life.
  • It does not smell. That potent sunscreen or even a chemical smell? It does not exist in this case, but the cream has a very slight clean aroma.
  • does not peel One of the worst sensations with a photoprotector is to start noticing how it peels on your face. Yes, we are referring to those unsightly ‘pellets’ with which it seems that your skin is being lifted and that in the case of this product they are neither there nor expected. Its velvety glow finish makes it perfect to also use as a makeup primer.
  • As stated in one of the reviews on the Miin Cosmetics website – a space dedicated to k-beauty where the product can be found – “it is THE Sunscreen, in capital letters”. Also in autumn and winter.
  • Also… how to apply sunscreen correctly?

    1. Remember, it is one of the products that you should not skimp on in terms of the amount you apply to your face. An easy trick to find out how much to use is to use the equivalent of your index and middle fingers.
    2. In addition to using it in the morning before leaving home, it is convenient to reapply it throughout the day. Experts recommend doing it every two hours or so, although this can vary depending on how exposed you are going to be to the sun.
    3. Regarding the step of your beauty routine in which to apply sun cream, always do it in the morning as the last step of facial care, that is, after moisturizing cream and as the first step before makeup. 

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