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The Boots That Celebrities Obsess Will Be Everywhere This Fall 2022

The western trend, which captivated the main fashion prescribers last season, seems to still have some time to go. His clear talisman, without a doubt, was the cowboy boots and, a most versatile shoe with an imposing silhouette. After becoming the new sneakers for celebrities, they have carved out a niche for themselves on the fall-winter 2022-23 catwalks, among firms such as Jil Sander, Chanel, or Chloé, giving rise to the most avant-garde outfits, which are out of the ordinary.

And it is that the strength of this footwear goes much further. The best? They are not always extravagant, so it is only necessary to find the one that represents us the most. With cowboy boots, less is not always more. From a total leather look – another great trend of the season –, as Chloé suggested, to a Jil Sander tweed suit, or even a classic outfit, like Chanel, the options to combine them are endless. Of course, getting out of your comfort zone will be key to combining your favorite pair.

The emotional hangover from Copenhagen Fashion Week has already worn off, but the great street style looks captured during the four days of shows have confirmed that Western boots are indeed going to be around for at least one season. plus. What do they have to have hooked the best preachers of trends? Beyond its incredible silhouette and its infinity of options, they are also a substitute for sandals in summer and sneakers when the autumn breeze appears, spectacularly elevating the garments.

Figures like Emma Chamberlain left us prints in the Danish capital in which the pair of cowboy boots were the stars of the best outfits. The Youtuber combined her shoes with a pastel yellow shirt dress and red glasses, to match the boots. As an extra, she added a flower print bag, in the same tones as the rest of the style.

Emily Ratajkowski is also another big fan of the cowboys. After having given birth to her son Sylvester, the model j she pledged fidelity to these boots, having been captured on several occasions with this type of footwear. The same can be said of Dua Lipa, who recently wore black cowboy boots during her vacation, complementing an orange knit outfit with a miniskirt and a long-sleeved top with a central closure.

As if that weren’t enough, celebrity obsession reaches levels we might never have imagined. And if not, tell Kendall Jenner, who this month trusted Kate McDuffie and had a cowboy boot tattooed on her left ankle. As Nancy Sinatra sang, these boots are made for walking. And they have a long way to go.

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