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The best hair loss treatment is this hair serum, according to a friend who has tried many products

“The best anti-loss treatment, after dermatologist protocols, is this Kérastase serum”This was the WhatsApp message proactively sent to me by a friend who knows well my professional deformation of trying to find topics in any daily conversation that has something to do with beauty. The said message came accompanied by a photo of the aforementioned –we are talking about the iconic Anti-Chute Fortifiant Serum from Kerástase’s Genesis line– and some phrase that anticipated the questions that she knew he was going to ask her right after receiving this message. “I have already used several bottles and it is very good. It shows that my hair falls out less“, he said. And she knows what is being said because she has spent several years searching for products and trying out-of-office treatments -hormones included- to strengthen hair.

This oil serum that many beauty editors claim to use even as a perfume – there are also a few honest reviews online that insist on its scent – ​​is a fortifying product for hair prone to falling out that also leaves hair VERY hydratedIt is enough to google its name to verify that it is a good solution for problems of weakening or seasonal fall. Many insist that they notice new hair when using it -what they call baby hair- and also on the immediate results, it brings thanks to its formulation based on ginger root, arginine, and caffeine. Because while some products of this type can weigh hair down or frizz, both honest reviews and my friend confirm that the finish is WONDERFUL. With the seasonal fall at its peak -autumn is one of those great times- it seems that this WhatsApp in the form of a recommendation/idea was a great idea. Just like this serum with almost 2,000 reviews and the coveted 5 stars from Google

Other pillars to prevent seasonal hair loss

  1. Massage the scalp to stimulate blood microcirculation. Capillary massages, in addition to aan essential relaxing effect, relieve scalp tension, activate blood circulation around the hair follicle, favoring the penetration of any product that we apply to combat hair loss”, explains dermatologist Eduardo López Bran. , an expert in hair grafting and director of the Emma clinic.
  2. Eat WELLThere are no miracle foods, but hair loss can be prevented with a balanced diet. Doctor Sánchez Viera insists on the importance of not neglecting iron intake through red meat, bones, and vegetables; nor zinc, pwhich is resent in meat and fish and “essential for hair growth”. Vitamins A and B are also important and avoiding eating habits based on carbohydrates and sugars. We must also minimize the consumption of foods rich in salt and fat “since they can make the hair fall out, be weaker, thinner and more brittle.”
  3. If you are looking to complete the application of a topical treatment to stop seasonal hair loss by taking a dietary supplement, pharmacist Helena Rodero advises looking for biotin -based supplement since it is essential for the multiplication of hair and nail cells. . Although it can be obtained through food, stress can make it difficult to absorb.

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