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Jennifer Lopez confirms that long ‘milky nails’ are the new French manicure for brides

Dressed as a bride for the second time, Jennifer Lopez has remained as true to herself as she was at her previous wedding in Las Vegas. But we are not referring to Ralph Lauren’s magnificent design (and his very long tail with feathers), but his manicure From her. While most brides opt for a discreet French manicure with short nails to say yes I do, the singer has chosen to wear them very long and sharp, painted in a semi-transparent, almost white tone, following the trend of milky nails, adapted to his style.

After having spent her honeymoon wearing typical manicures, in pure white which experts attribute the ability to highlight the tan and provide a rejuvenating effect, the artist has given up fashion design among Spanish women for her big day, the who has decided to lower the level of pigmentation in the nails.

While the nude manicure she wore while on vacation in Capri might have been considered more ‘suitable’ for an Orthodox bride, the milky nails were a perfect choice for the artist. In contrast to her tanned skin and her white wedding dress, this manicure offered a balance to the whole, while deceiving with the very long tulle veil, also translucent. Our verdict? Long milky nails are perfect for brides who don’t want to give up their style (and a bit of a diva).


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