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On which finger do the Promise Ring go?

We have all seen promise rings in the movies a thousand and one ways of giving the engagement ring to the bride, from the most typical in a luxury restaurant to going through something a little more erotic by putting it in a glass of champagne, to even seeing the man declare himself. boyfriend through some message in a plane through the clouds.

Today we are going to talk about something less known, it is about how to choose a promise ring and on which finger it should be located. These are usually used with different symbolism, as well as to remain faithful to each other until the moment of finally getting married, going through staying virgins in the case of religious young people, and well, the reason for giving each other a ring will depend on each couple. of promise. These rings should always be worn on the right ring finger.

5 steps to choose the promise ring alliance

1. The first thing you have to do is buy the promise ring. Depending on the sentimental situation you have with the person, the ring will be different. If you just started dating recently, choose something cheap. If, on the contrary, it is your partner of several years, choose something with more value.
2. Being a promise ring, it does not have to be a ring for the finger, yes or yes. If your partner doesn’t like wearing rings, buy him a “matching chain” with the ring so he can wear it as a pendant or whatever you can think of.
3. Investigate Engraved Rings. These rings usually have love poems inscribed and for the function of the finger promise rings it is perfect.
4. Claddagh-type rings are also very beautiful, these are unique in that they are rings in the shape of two hands holding a heart.
5. Finally, remember that you are not getting married, ” it does not have to be a ring “if you see that this is not going to come together try to give something else that also serves as a promise but that is not so expensive or that you see that he will like it more.

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