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A wedding anniversary is a unique event both for the people it concerns directly, but also for the family and friends of the couple who celebrates the jubilee. On such a special day as a wedding anniversary, it is worth expressing special wishes. You can do this by sending an SMS or by delivering them in person. Such wishes can be placed inside a special occasional card that concerns the wedding anniversary wishes. Then you can choose a universal or personalized card, depending on which one you choose. 

However, if you are looking for a different way to convey anniversary wishes, then it is worth choosing an original gift. Certainly, wishes can be placed inside a spatial piggy bank, on the lid of an alcohol box, on an alcohol label, or in a glass carafe. Then such a gift will also be an unusual souvenir, not only will there be wishes on it, but also the gift will appeal to the recipients.

Short wishes for the Wedding Anniversary

If you want to make wishes quickly, then it is worth choosing the short ones. Perfectly referring to the occasion, which is the wedding anniversary, they will allow you to quickly provide the most important information and nice wishes to people who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. It can be a message, as well as placing them inside a greeting card. If the couple is having a wedding anniversary party, then it may be worth choosing the option of learning the text and presenting it in person by reciting such wishes. Surely the couple will feel honored and appreciate such efforts.

On the occasion of … wedding anniversary, accept

warmest congratulations from us,

and wishes for the best

and happiness on the way of life together.

Original wedding anniversary wishes

What should be the wishes for the wedding anniversary? It is worth choosing an inventive and original one. They can therefore be short, but also with a deeper message. Especially for the occasion, which is the wedding anniversary, we have prepared a list of original wishes for the wedding anniversary.

In a happy marriage

there is confidence and satisfaction,

which does not change.

Let the coming years even more

they bring you closer. 

May they bring you much joy,

health and inner peace. 

Religious wedding anniversary wishes

Certainly, a couple who got married in the Church should receive wishes that have a religious meaning. Catholic wishes for the wedding anniversary will be perfect, which is why we have also prepared suggestions for such texts. Some couples plan a mass in the church on the occasion of their marriage anniversary. Then such wishes can be given to the couple after the end of the mass.

Memories of happy days gone by

like a pearl in the crown of life shines,

God’s grace, let the jubilee day shine,

and God’s blessing will turn every sorrow into joy!

Original wedding anniversary wishes for husband

What wishes to choose for the husband on the occasion of the wedding anniversary? Certainly, the anniversary of the relationship is an opportunity to share memories and emotions, but also thanks. A husband who receives wishes from his wife will certainly appreciate it very much and will feel appreciated and honored. It is therefore worth choosing texts of wishes straight from the heart, but also those that will touch the person who receives them. You can put such wishes in the form of a love letter or a greeting card. 

Husband! Today – on the day of our … wedding anniversary

I want to express my love for you with all my heart.

I breathe you like air

when I fall asleep in your arms

I feel like I could go on like this forever.

Despite the obstacles and difficulties in our lives,

may this love never end?

Wedding anniversary wishes for the wife

It is worth appreciating the wife not only on the occasion of the wedding anniversary. However, then it is worth giving your wife special wishes that will make her feel honored and appreciated. Such wedding anniversary wishes can certainly be included in a greeting card, but also given as a love letter that can be made as a surprise for your beloved wife. 

Believe me – there are souls made for each other

Let them turn to the opposite fate,

They are against fate, in this or that world,

They will find, attract and join after all.

All the best

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