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Calvin Klein Models sneakers and sneakers – elegant in urban style

Calvin Klein models the best sneakers

This year, the Calvin Klein models brand celebrates its 50th birthday we have prepared for you an overview of fashionable sneakers and sneakers from this company, which will be perfect for this season. Check it out!

The best color of Calvin brands are;

  • blue 
  • white
  • black

Calvin Klein navy blue sneakers

Calvin Klein Models’ navy blue sneakers are in a class of their own. They are perfect for urban stylizations – both sporty and elegant. Shoes in this style go well with jeans, chinos, and joggers. You can wear them to work and every day. Now, most of the models are on sale, so don’t wait any longer and take advantage of the opportunity. Get some shoes for up to 40% off!

Calvin white sneakers

When white sneakers appear in the assortment of stores, it is a sign that summer is in full swing! We usually choose shoes in this color only in the warm months, when we are sure that they will not get dirty right after going outside. White footwear in a sporty style is an inseparable element of Calvin Klein men’s collections. Now you can get some discounted sneakers and sneakers up to PLN 200 cheaper. Check!

Calvin Klein Black sneakers

Black shoes are always the safest choice. This universal color fits virtually any stylization, perfectly harmonizing with all shades. Black sneakers from Calvin Klein are not only comfortable but also extremely practical – they are easy to clean and dirt is not visible on them. The brand offers many different models. Both lace-ups with a classic style and with a slightly more modern design.

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