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Drink water with chlorophyll: the least known remedy to avoid abdominal inflammation

From time to time, a new remedy that promises everything becomes fashionable on social networks: relieve abdominal inflammation, improve the appearance of the skin, help lose weight… Although we know that miracles do not exist, that does not prevent us from trying the latest trick viral – as long as it is safe for health, of course – to try to improve our well-being, at least a little. We have seen it with water with lemon , matcha tea , kombucha … And, now, also with water with chlorophyll .

Despite the fact that in our country it is not yet so popular, in the United States it has become one of the favorite remedies of the networks and also of several celebrities . Julianne Moore told Vogue UK that the first thing she did in the morning was drink water with chlorophyll, “I was told a long time ago that it is very good for the skin, so I dilute a few drops in water and drink two very large glasses,” she explained. Kourtney Kardashian has also declared herself adept, through her Poosh platform , of this trick, which according to her helps her drink more water during the day, helping her stay hydrated while providing vitamins to her body. Actress Mandy Mooretold the American publication Mbgmovement that she used this drink to improve her stomach problems and Reese Witherspoon confessed to Harper’s Bazaar UK that she added a few drops to her water when she felt a pimple or acne breakout coming on. But, as always when a remedy goes viral in this way, it is fair and necessary to clarify whether it really has all those properties attributed to it. 

In this aspect, there is no general consensus, although there are some benefits that are usually related to its consumption. According to the team of nutritionists at the Germaine de Capuccini Goya center , “they say that it is an antioxidant, healing agent , that it can help prevent cancer and bad odour, however, there are no conclusive studies in this regard. There is also talk of its relationship with the intestine and sometimes it is indicated for constipation.”. Therefore, although there are those who use chlorophyll for these and other uses, from the aesthetic center they reiterate that, at least for now “there is very little scientific research and, therefore, the reliable conclusions regarding chlorophyll as a treatment” . The good news is that its nutritional use is allowed and, in principle, it has no contraindications – its use is only discouraged, due to lack of information about it, in childhood, in pregnant or lactating women and in people suffering from digestive problems such as diarrhea (due to its high fiber content)–, so testing its effects is not too much either.

The truth is that today you can find different food supplements or liquid formats of chlorophyll because this green pigment contains certain properties that can make it very interesting for certain purposes. “It can be very beneficial for health due to its oxygenating properties and its ability to favor the elimination of heavy metals , in addition to helping in the regeneration of the intestinal bacterial flora ,” says Luisa Varela, Technical and R&D&I Director of Life . In this sense, there are three areas in which it can present many benefits:

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