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Why Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Dinner is better than Dubai Creek?

For the residents of Dubai, Dubai Marina is nothing new. But, for the outsiders, Dubai Marina is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Dubai. The place offers all kind of dining places, luxurious hotels, shopping mall, entertainment options and much more. In fact, it’s an experience which they had a decade or and never went back to.

It’s fascinating to know that, Dubai Marina is also home to world’s largest man-made marina which consists hundreds of yachts and dhows. Dubai creek side is also popular but number of tourists of Dubai are in a dilemma about the difference between Dubai Marina and The Creek. Read Also more about car rent please click : Car rental Mumbai

This blog is all about explaining some of the reasons that explain why Dubai Marina is more preferable than creek. Let’s get some new motivation for Dubai’s old timers and modern sides.

Sightseeing- Dubai Creek vs Dubai Marina

We believe that Dubai Creek side has its own norms and charm, but nothing can beat the level of Dubai Marina. People get a worthy experience and explore activities full of fun. Before moving towards Dubai Marina, let’s discuss some reasons of the popularity of Creek side.

From the Bur-Dubai side, the ‘Cruising Route’ is taken up by a promenade. It’s such a beautiful place to walk. However, there’s no sights for the cruising passengers. On the Deira side, you can experience some iconic buildings of Dubai. Hence, the building is modern but these are outdates making them less attractive for the visitors.

On the flip side, Dubai Marina is all about iconic landscapes and astonishing views of the surrounding. It’s fascinating to know that Dubai Marina is a much newer construction with large variety of architectural elements. There’s a promenade on both sides all around the Marina where plenty of people walk or sit.

Moreover, the views from yacht rental Dubai in night are just spectacular. People explore Marina in a style. Furthermore, the bridges with passing cars and trams offer a cool experience. Dubai skyline is so fascinating that it can also be viewed well at night from the Mina Lagoon. Have a dinner on the yacht with family and explore Marina in a style. Read Also more about car rent please click : Car rental Hyderabad

Superior Quality at Dubai Marina

In terms of budget, the dhow cruise Dubai Marina is expensive as compared to Creek side. The berthing fees are almost double; therefore, the service makes sense. Visitors like to explore the open and air-conditioned decks of wooden boat.

Although, many people claim that catering and other facilities on creek side are low, but there is some cons. Food quality on such dhow is not appreciable. However, Dubai marina dhow cruise dinner experience will surprise the guests with overall service. High quality food with superb views is everything that people want.

Novelty at the peak

People visiting Dubai creek experience the old and authentic side of Dubai present around decades ago. On the other hand, Dubai Marina is all about innovative structure, scrumptious meal, live music, and buffet in a style. Dubai Marina experience is a revisit of a concept that they liked some point in their lives.

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However, if you are visiting Dubai for the first time, Dubai Marina dhow cruise experience is best. But, if that’s not the first time, you can also add creek experience for a cultural taste. In this way, you can differentiate the Marina and Creek side easily.

Dubai Marina offers soothing ambiance

A dining place should provide soothing ambiance away from the hustle and bustle. But, that’s not the case in Dubai Creek side. You’ll experience noise of traffic and barges going to the ports. Overall, it adds negative point for creek side.

On the flip side, Dubai Marina offers an atmosphere full of enjoyment. You’ll experience a quite ambiance and soothing surrounding around you. Luxury vehicles, yachts, and dhows float in the water in night has their own charm.  People that you observe are either tourists or local walking or having dinner. you may need to know about car rental Service

Dubai Marina dhow cruise dinner is much more delicious and preferable than the creek side. Number of factors can be concern but we’ve added some of the most significant ones. Now, choice is all yours.


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