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when to wear pantyhose

How to wear pantyhose compression stockings and tights

Wear pantyhose Compression stockings, stockings, and tights are put on in the morning, in the first hours after waking up, when the edema has not had time to appear. If it was not possible to put on stockings before swelling appeared, throw your legs vertically up on the wall and lie down for 10-15 minutes, this will help relieve swelling, and put on knitwear.

Compression stockings are worn 5-8 hours a day and removed at bedtime. Take off your jersey before showering or in the pool so you can put it back on when your feet are completely dry. During the day, you can spend half an hour or an hour without stockings, for example, if you urgently need to wash or change them.

Sleeping in compression stockings is possible, but not necessary: ​​there is no load on the legs during sleep, so there is no need for compression.

Your doctor determines how long you need to wear compression stockings. Usually, compression stockings are worn for 3 to 6 months in the initial stages of varicose veins, and in severe stages, you will have to wear stockings for life.

File your toenails and remove corns – this will help to avoid snags and tears during the period of wearing knitwear.

Therefore, to notice changes in the condition in time, consult a phlebologist – he can stop wearing compression stockings or reduce the compression class when the condition improves.

The doctor told whether it is dangerous not to wear pantyhose in the cold

Wearing pantyhose in cold weather is not mandatory for maintaining women’s health, it is worth approaching the choice of clothing solely from the point of view of comfort, gynecologist-reproductologist Maria Milyutina said on the air of the Govorit Moskva radio station.

She noted that awareness of the need to keep warm in the winter is obvious folk wisdom, but most infections are acquired sexually, and not due to the effects of hypothermia.

“Yes, there may be an activation of some kind of flora against the background of hypothermia, but the most important rule is that a person should be comfortable. If he goes without pantyhose, not for beauty, and does not freeze, he is hardened, and this will not have negative consequences for him. a person doesn’t get a tooth on a tooth, but he continues to walk like that, then it’s worth changing your approach to clothes, ”explained Milyutina.

The doctor clarified that the susceptibility of a particular person to cold is due to many factors, in particular genetics, weight, and hormonal characteristics. For example, the function of the thyroid gland affects it, Milyutina noted.

“Thin people freeze with a slight decrease in temperature. For those who are overweight, this fat layer protects them, they feel the temperature in a completely different way,” the expert concluded.

Earlier, a nutritionist said that a conscious transition to a healthy diet will help overcome the desire to consume fatty foods that naturally occur during the cold season. You also need to control calories. In the autumn-winter period, their consumption should be reduced by 10-15% of the usual daily allowance, while maintaining the ratio of 30% proteins, 30% fats, and 40% carbohydrates.


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