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What shorts are in Style 2022

Fashionable women’s shorts are in style in 2022: Stylish models that will instantly sweep off the shelves

Shorts are in style in 2022 Even if you do not wear them, these options will win a heart and a place in the wardrobe.

I believe that every woman should give up all her complexes and enjoy the warm weather. Weakly imagine how you can be dressed in a hundred layers in the heat. Take a closer look at the shorts – options of any length and style are now in vogue. Your legs are wonderful – so do not deny yourself anything!

Fashionable women’s shorts are in style in  2022

  • Mini

Mini is the trendy length this year! Yes, ultra-short shorts are unlikely to look appropriate in the city, but somewhere by the sea – why not? Forget tight-fitting models and go for loose high-waisted options. And don’t be afraid of color! For example, I liked the pink Isabel Marant shorts, which I can easily style in urban casual looks.

  • In sports style

Cycling shorts and straight sports shorts continue to be in trend! And if the latter is only suitable for casual looks or sports, then the former can even be worn for dinner at a restaurant or on a date. Cycling shorts look good with elongated or, on the contrary, shortened T-shirts and sneakers, sandals with heels, and voluminous jackets worn over crop tops or even on a naked body.

  • Bermuda

Bermuda shorts are a great option for women of all ages. The loose fit and knee length allows them to be appropriate anywhere and everywhere. Bermuda shorts go with almost everything, they look great with shirts, tops, sweaters, jackets, or hoodies. This year’s collections were replenished with models made of leather, cotton, fine wool, jeans, and linen in various colors. In addition to the basic cut, options with folds, tucks, and an unusual belt zone are popular.

  • Elongated models

Contrary to the all-consuming fashion for minis, designers offer us to try on elongated shorts (those just below the knee). They will make the image stylish, and add elegance and femininity to it. Extra long shorts make a perfect duet with shirts, basic t-shirts, or jackets. Shoes or sandals with heels will succinctly finish the look. I advise you to bet on minimalistic denim or linen models with small cuts on the sides or pleats.

  • With details

Both the usual wide folds, tucks, and voluminous folds are popular, as well as more accentuated raw edges, cuts, scuffs, or even asymmetric cuts. And also decor in the form of single rhinestones, chains, feathers, or fringes.

Stop avoiding such models, especially if your wardrobe for the most part consists of simple or basic items. For example, Bermuda shorts, embellished with bright feathers, with a simple white shirt will look interesting, but in no case will make you blush for yourself on the street.

  • Quilted shorts

Quilted shorts are not new, they were presented to us by designers a couple of seasons ago. Even though they were not very popular, you can still see them on street-style outlets or with popular Russian girls. These shorts look original and original, they look especially good in leather. I recommend wearing them with mules with small heels or fashionable pointed slingbacks.

Materials 2022

  • Cotton

Cotton deserves attention for many reasons: it is natural, breathable, durable, and yet versatile. In addition, cotton can be different – very thin and weightless, or dense, holding its shape. Everything is combined with it: both silk and knitwear or fine wool.

  • Linen

Linen is an exceptional summer material, light and comfortable. It looks great with light fabrics: silk and thin knitwear, denim. I would take linen shorts with the same top for a relaxed look. Linen clothing looks expensive and suits women of all ages.

  • Leather

Smooth leather is relevant, with embossing or a special line that creates those very quilted models. Leather shorts look great in basic hues like beige or black, as well as in bold colors like red or blue.

  • Denim

Is it possible to think of a material more suitable for shorts than denim? Models, as in the photo, fit well and look stylish, durable, and unpretentious in care. And they never go out of style! Every year in the collections of designers there are a wide variety of options from denim in various shades: from classic blue and light blue to white, pink and green.

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