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What is lifestyle. what it says about you

Lifestyle is the set of attitudes and behaviors that people adopt and develop individually or collectively to satisfy their needs as human beings and achieve their personal development.

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what is lifestyle

In 1986, the World Health Organization WHO ) defined lifestyle as

“ a general way of life-based on the interaction between living conditions in a broad sense and individual patterns of behavior determined by socio-cultural factors and personal characteristics ”.

The lifestyle we adopt has an impact on both physical and mental health. healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on health. It includes habits such as regular exercise, proper and healthy eating, drinking enough quality water (for example with a purifying water dispenser ), enjoying free time, socializing activities, maintaining high self-esteem, etc.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of numerous diseases such as obesity or stress. It includes habits such as the consumption of toxic substances (alcohol, drugs), smoking, sedentary lifestyle, rushing, exposure to pollutants, etc.

Improve nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

You are at home, in the office, at work, in the car, etc. thinking about what you can do to change some aspect of your life that, for now, you don’t like how you are doing (diet, stress, relationship with your children, exercise, eating habits, free time, etc) and you are searching the Internet for guidelines for a healthier life.

Here are some easy tips that will help you achieve a healthier life for yourself and those around you. These healthy habits that we propose are to prevent physical and mental illnesses. By preventing, we are leading a healthy life since we will go to the doctor less, take less medicine and be stronger to face day to day.

The first (perhaps the most important) lifestyle change we need to make is an overhaul of our pantry and kitchen. The products that it is not advisable to keep in the pantry for this new change that we want to make are refined sugar (white sugar), refined flour, precooked products, fried snacks, light products, and sweets (chewing gum, candies, jellies, etc.).

Changing your lifestyle requires an easy but drastic change at the same time, but if you want to make a change you have to do it once and for all and get out of that comfort zone in which we were stuck and from which we want to get out but we didn’t know how. . Once we have detected all these products, we must replace them with whole-grain products (rice, flour, pasta).

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