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What Happened Ho The Shortest Supermodels Of The 90s?

 Super Hit Shortest Supermodels Of The 90s

two super hit shortest supermodels Schiffer and Crawford

  • The shortest supermodels Schiffer, with three children, accumulate a fortune of 55 million dollars
  • Shortest supermodels Crawford redirected her career into cosmetics with her line of products.

Do you remember those golden years of fashion when models were the absolute queens of the world? In the blink of an eye, we learned names like Claudia, Cindy, Elle, Naomi, or Linda. But what has time brought these superwomen? Have they managed to maintain the glamor that made them famous?

The Pact with the Devil by shortest supermodels Claudia Schiffer

Although it’s been more than 30 years since Claudia Schiffer of Germany became the queen of supermodels, it seems that time has long stood still for her. Since she decided to get off the catwalks, the model’s efforts have been redirected toward her personal life. Schiffer married film director Matthew Vaughn in 2002 and together they had three children. But even so, she has not stopped working.

The truth is that I do not miss that stage of my life in which I became famous and received job offers at all hours. It was a period that I enjoyed a lot, but that I would not want to repeat,” said Schiffer. The German -whose fortune is estimated at around 55 million dollars according to ‘Forbes magazine-She is still very active professionally. “Now I only take jobs that really appeal to me and don’t take me away from home for more than two or three days,” she told ‘Elle magazine.

But if the ex-girlfriend of the magician David Copperfield is clear about something -a fact that no one should forget-, it is that the models must be faithful to their mentors. In 2011, Schiffer agreed to return to being a model for Chanel, out of loyalty to what she considers her mentor, Karl Lagerfeld.

The same thing happened with the Guess jeans brand, one of the first campaigns that she starred in the 90s and that launched her to fame. But not all have been joys. Her career in the cinema was as fleeting as it was unsuccessful, her business venture failed miserably and she has had to deal with various stalkers. Her latest mishap, watching part of her mansion goes up in flames on the night of her wedding anniversary.

Cindy Crawford and the ravages of botox

The supermodel Cindy Crawford wanted to celebrate her 48th birthday by posing nude for ‘W’ magazine, making it clear that she still has a body to give a lot of trouble. The model, who already undressed for ‘Playboy’ magazine 26 years ago, has been withdrawn from the catwalks since 2000, which has not prevented her from continuing to work, albeit at a very slow pace. Crawford has redirected her career towards cosmetics, launching 2005 its line of products in.

Together with Dr. Louis Sebagh, a cosmetic surgeon based in Paris who has seen some of the most famous ‘celebrities’, the model launched a line of exclusive products, called ‘Meaningful Beauty’, for facial care. But it is not the only business adventure. The model has also taken time to design her line of furniture, the ‘Cindy Crawford Home Collection’, which bills about 250 million dollars a year.


Still, Crawford has been no stranger to controversy. In 2009, she acknowledged that she had been resorting to botox for years to stay young. Ella Crawford had considered having more invasive surgery, but she was afraid it would change the look on her face, so she went to a doctor in London for a botox injection.

People have very high expectations of what they are going to find when they meet me and that has made me feel a lot of pressure to get old,” the model declared. She also commented that she had already left him, but looking at the latest photos of her and how she has changed her face since she succeeded in the 90s, we are not so clear.





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