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We have to talk about the (supertoned) back of Queen Letizia

We have to talk about Queen Letizia ‘s super toned back . After looking at –and commenting on– the Apollonian aspect of her arms , legs and abdomen , the dress by the Spanish firm Miphai that she has worn to the Royal Theater has allowed us to verify that the monarch does not forget to train and take care of this part of her body. In general, it is one of the great areas forgotten in training, but the reality is that it is an area that shows the passage of time, especially at the beginning of menopause. However, it is evident that in the same way that she works her abdomen and her arms – we know that she takes care of sugar intake and replaces it with erythritoland that, among other exercises, he practices the classic triceps dip on the wall at home–, thoroughly trains his back. Here are some recommendations to have a back like that of Queen Letizia.

The case of localized fat in the back: how to deal with it

It is not one of the areas in which we repair the most, but the reality is that the back and its surroundings tend to accumulate fat because, as coach Daniel Martínez explains , it has more fatty deposits than other parts of the body. In addition, the body is made to have reserves and precisely these, where the adipose tissues are accommodated, are the last reserves of the body to disappear. If we add to this the hormonal imbalance that menopause causes and that directly affects the accumulation of fat in this area, it is understandable that at a certain age the back begins to be a cause for beauty concern . In fact, Nieves Cuesta, nutritionist at Reto48, explains that this occurs due to the decrease in estrogen in the body. “This hormone, present during the fertile stage of women, helps to reduce the accumulation of fat in the trunk, so that, with its withdrawal or reduction, the fat will tend to accumulate more in those areas where I didn’t do it before.”

To deal with it, the usual combo of proper diet and exercise is infallible. Coach Lucía Ramírez advises high intensity interval training and strength training . The good news is that the back is a muscle that is usually involved in many of the exercises we do in any training session and even in everyday activities.

The relationship back and abdomen

When we focus on toning the abdomen, we should also pay special attention to the back because to have a strong abdomen, the back also has to be strong. In fact, one of the great consequences of not exercising the core is precisely recurring back pain. Therefore, it is important to work the abdominals –it is evident that the Queen does it– with exercises that at the same time strengthen and tone the back. This is precisely where the abdominal plates come into play , one of the star exercises to tone the abdomen and strengthen the back at the same time. Also the classic Superman exercise , in which face down, the arms and legs are raised stretched out as if they were going to fly.

exercises that work

Undoubtedly, Letizia’s favorite exercise to tone her arms – the bicep dip against the wall – is also a good alternative to tone her shoulders. This is confirmed by Roberto Crespo, who also insists that it is a good option for working on the triceps and chest. Other alternatives are other exercises that we usually do to work other muscle groups such as the stride, the classic squat or the deadlift squat, in which the muscles of this rear area are also involved.

Boxing, a good alternative

In addition to swimming -the sport par excellence to tone your back-, from Brooklyn Fitboxing they affirm that boxing is a perfect sport to tone your back. “Punching is similar to thrusting exercises in that the same muscles used to press the shoulders are used to throw punches. During striking, punches to the bag and moves used in defense quickly retract. All these movements work the muscle group of the back that is located above the latissimus dorsi”, they explain.

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