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Visiting the Fondazione Prada in Milan without leaving home is possible

The Fondazione Prada reinvents itself in digital format. This has been announced through its social networks, letting its users know that its virtual doors will remain open to transfer its exhibitions and activities to a world connected through technology that it now knows of no other channel. The doors of the physical space of the foundation remain closed until further notice, following the measures of the Italian government to stop the wave of COVID-19 infections.

“ In the absence of a physical public, it is essential to create new languages ​​so as not to remain silent ”, the foundation communicated in its post just before announcing that it would reinvent its program of digital activities for the following weeks. “To transform a period of crisis into an opportunity for study and analysis.” For this, it has already begun, through its profile on social networks such as Instagram, to share the privileged audiovisual archive of the foundation articulated in hashtags.

As the space dedicated to children has also closed, the foundation is transferring it to a video project called #AccademiaAperta that goes through all the workshops for families designed by architects, educators, and artists for Accademia during the last five years. #Glossary is the initiative that collects the foundation’s archive under a list of keywords, from its history and identity to projects.

In this way, the Fondazione Prada joins the initiative that other museums and art institutions have already undertaken to reach their regular audience (and also many more) through telematic means, taking advantage of the possibility of interaction offered by social networks. Who knows, maybe these are changes that are here to stay.

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