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Treatments of Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney

Ayurveda in Melbourne brings a plethora of external treatments to the table in order to complement lifestyle recommendations and herbs to recover or maintain proper health. They have multi-faceted effects on the well-being of the individual. It is not only the specific effects but treatments of Ayurveda in Melbourne provide complete wellness and are also very relaxing. Herbalized oils which are made by processing around 10-40 and sometimes 80 herbs in coconut oil or sesame oil are used for the treatments. The oils are selected depending on a person’s health issues and body type. If you undergo 3-7 sessions of the treatment periodically or on a consecutive basis, you will start seeing long-lasting results.

(1) Ayurvedic Therapeutic/ Abhyanga Oil Massage: Abhyanga is a relaxing Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney using herbalized oil. You will find that most of the herbal oils contain 10 to 20 herbs, while there are some that contain 80-100, with coconut oil or sesame oil as the base. Each and every oil has its own specific benefits depending on the herbs and oils used. Massage is done by using both palms and the tips of the fingers. Abhyanga always begins from the base and heads down right towards the root of the body. Then you are told to lie down on the massage table when your stomach, soles, and back of your body will be massaged. Then, you are told to turn around when your face, foot, and the front portion of your body will be massaged. To get added benefits when you are lying down on your back, cooling cotton pads are faced on your eyes. On top of that, Abhyanga is finished with a steam therapy session where you have to sit in a chamber filled with aromatic steam.

(2) Ayurvedic Marma Massage: Herbalized Oil Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney in which vital points/Marma are treated by applying pressure and varying strokes. This deep marma massage is a deep tissue massage, unlike Abhyanga/ Ayurvedic Oil Massage. This Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney also uses herbalized pain oils where anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving herbs are processed in coconut or sesame oil. If you are suffering from muscle stiffness, neck pain, muscle pull, low back pain, etc., then this Ayurvedic Marma massage is highly recommended. To add to the benefits, Marma Massage is finished with a session of steam therapy where you are told to sit in a chamber filled with aromatic steam.

(3) Ayurvedic Head Massage (Champi): Head is the root of the body. An oil massage to the head with specific strokes helps in relieving stress. If you frequently suffer from headaches, migraine, stress, hair loss, neck pain, emotional imbalance, stiffness, and neck pain, then a massage of Ayurveda in Melbourne is highly recommended. The 30 minutes treatment includes complete massaging of the head, neck, and shoulders.

(4) Ayurvedic Foot Massage: There are several pressure areas and marmas (vital points) in our feet. So a 30-minute session of foot massage gives whole body wellness. Besides health issues concerning the feet, a foot massage is highly recommended for neuropathies, diabetes mellitus, and sleeping disorders.

(5) Steam Therapies: In this method of Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney, steam coming from herbal tea is channeled to a chamber where you are sitting. The steam can also be channeled to specific regions of your body through a pipe. Steam therapies, which are an integral part of the treatments of Ayurveda in Melbourne, help improve circulation, open the pores in the skin and dilate the channels in the body, thereby facilitating the flow of toxins and their eradication. A good way of taking toxins out of the system is sweat. An essential component of Ayurvedic detox programs is steam therapies. Steam therapies can give specific benefits depending on the herbs added to them. Steam therapy is also highly recommended for aches and pains.

When you undergo a session of steam therapy, you will be first prepared for steam by a quick massage with specific strokes or by applying oil. Then, you are told to sit in the steam chamber, until you are warm and sweaty.

(6) Ayurvedic Poultice/Pouch Massage: This Ayurvedic Pouch massage is quite effective for aches and pains, especially in the tendons, muscles, and joints. When you undergo a session of Ayurvedic pouch massage, first oil is applied to your body and then massage is applied with a warm herbal pouch. The pouch is prepared from herbal powders or fresh herbs, depending on your pain and imbalance. The pouch is again reheated to maintain the warmth by dipping it in warm herbal pain oil. This Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney is ideal for joint pains and muscular aches.

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