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This is the body cream that a beauty editor does not stop using this summer

A summer party, untanned skin, and a dress code that dictated wearing white: the perfect recipe for a (possible) disaster with self-tanner, from which this beauty editor was saved with a very specific body cream. Yes, when it comes to applying a colored product to the body, and to this are added factors such as heat – which makes us sweat and, therefore, can fade the formula – and a dress in an ivory tone, experiments do not always work out right. Luckily, trying The Glow from the Barcelona firm Cocunat couldn’t have gone any better.

As its name suggests, the purpose of this body cream is to give the skin a flattering glow for a very natural glow finish. With a very light golden tone that blends perfectly with the color of the dermis and is enriched with mineral particles to provide more luminosity, it is a very light and liquid formula (seriously, it is absorbed in a matter of seconds), that nothing it has to do with the texture of traditional cream. And although it can be a bit scary because of the brightness it incorporates, the truth is that it is a very subtle effect, enough to enhance the skin without finishing like one of the vampires of Twilightwhen they lay in the sun. When the light shines directly on the dermis, you can see those little golden particles, but without looking like you’ve covered yourself in glitter.

Although it will not have the effect of a self-tanner, nor does it intend to dye, it is the perfect product for those who seek to enhance the skin a little with a discreet gold and, importantly, without staining the clothes. Although it hydrates and leaves the dermis very soft –it is enriched with coconut oil, jojoba, and shea butter–, it is dry to the touch, without leaving a trace of a greasy or unctuous sensation. His other asset? Its rich vanilla smell, which although it is not as powerful as that of other more perfumed creams –such as the famous Brazilian Bum Bum de Sol de Janeiro–, does provide a pleasant and light aroma. In other words, a must-have for summer guests.

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