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This is the best mascara of 2022 (so far)

It may be early to elevate a specific one to the podium of the best mascara of 2022 -we are still in March-, but there are several reasons why we ratify this statement, at least for now (the year is very long and there are many releases to come). We are referring to Colossal Curl Bounce from Maybelline New York and one of those reasons is the data and the hype it is causing on social networks (TikTok is again to blame). As confirmed by Maybelline New York in Spain, it was the best-selling mascara in February in perfumeries and drugstores (and was launched on January 26). And although at the moment the iconic Sky High It continues to be the best-selling and most viral of the brand, this new version of the mythical Colossal that promises to curl the eyelashes follows the trail very closely. It may be a matter of time before it loses its status as a long-term bestseller .

The other reason that leads us to affirm that this is the best mask so far this year is the fact that we have tried it and, after experimenting with many others, have sworn eternal love to it. For several reasons: because it curls the eyelashes without the need to use a curling iron because it lengthens and separates them… It’s super light, doesn’t clump, and doesn’t stain or leave a trace in the area under the eyes. In fact, in just a month of life, she manages to accumulate hundreds of reviews on Googlebordering on the desired 5 stars. And the conclusions are similar: it lasts all day, is easily removed, and lengthens the lashes. In addition, if one of the tricks recommended by the house is put into practice – removing make-up from the eyelashes beforehand to remove any remains and letting them dry before applying it – the result is much better.

And to close the circle: the fact that it is from one of the expert makeup brands in the field of eyelashes and one of those that we knew thanks to our mothers, also adds points when it comes to justifying this rage. Precisely the origin of the first Maybelline New York mascara was a story of eyelashes (and love) in 1915 Thomas Lyle Williams, pharmacist and founder of Maybelline New York, invented the first mascara after seeing his sister Mabel try to darken her eyelashes and enhance your look after burning your eyelashes and eyebrows on the kitchen stove. Legend has it that Mabel at that time was in love with Chet Hewes, whom she married shortly after. And we like this story too.

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