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These sneakers look great with jeans (but you can also wear them with dresses)

Among the trends for autumn winter 2022-2023, there is a very powerful one that, in reality, is an undisputed classic. We are talking about high black boots, a shoe that this season, in particular, acquires special relevance, as confirmed by multiple firms as in their fashion shows. The good news? That there are high boots for everyone out there: flat, cowboy style, with a thick sole, with a heel… Whatever you are, there are high black boots for you. And yes, you will combine them with your entire wardrobe this year (and all the others).

Finding versatile shoes is not as easy a task as it may seem. We are referring to those types of sneakers that can be combined with all the trends of the season –from fringes to vertical stripes– and with all the garments that, today, already inhabit your wardrobe. 

Well, if you were looking for off-road shoes capable of completing any look, we have good news: we have found them. It is the Skechers UNO model, synthetic leather sneakers with a visible air chamber and a flexible sole.

The best of all? This model of sneakers is available in different colors such as white, coral, or light blue, a color palette for all tastes– and also with different prints to make them even more special: hearts for the romantic ones (the result of the collaboration with the artist James Goldcrown), tie-dye for the most boho…

And yes, all of them look good with jeans, a basic T-shirt and a trench coat on top – or any other demi-season jacket you have – but if you are looking for a more special look, you should choose to wear them with a dress. Although it is a combo that for some women still sounds strident, the truth is that for many others it has become their best bet when the good weather arrives. So much so that in the Fashion Weeks of the different world capitals we do not stop seeing fashion insiders putting into practice this mixture that celebrates the comfort of your feet.

Tight-fitting or loose-fitting, ladylike, with a two-thousand-nineties air and even with the season’s prints, the dresses reflect the sophistication and comfort that perfectly adheres to the controlled informality that these Skechers sneakers have, making the set acquires a comfy but very chic essence. Especially now that the period of travel and festivals begins.

Whatever your style, we are sure that you will find the UNO model that best suits you to wear all your dresses this spring, just like those who know the most about fashion.

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