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These are the remedies for hair loss and other summer damage that experts recommend

This article is part of the September issue of Vogue Spain.

There are remedies for hair loss, but not miracles. It goes through different phases that, in combination with a summer of sun and salt, cause its situation to be aggravated at this time of year. In September, the fall is as normal as dryness but can be mitigated with proper care. Dermatologists, nutritionists, and other experts help us determine them.

“Hair is like a plant that we have to take care of with care and that, like everything in life, goes through different stages: growth, rest, and fall; the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases of the hair”, explains Giovanna Lucana, product manager This last phase is linked to the change of season, “particularly from summer to autumn: the hair becomes more fragile, brittle and prone to excessive fall,” says Natalia Quintero, nutritionist, and Nutrilite trainer. 

To distinguish the telogen phase, the dermatologist Marta García-Legaz recommends “going to a trichologist dermatologist”, although it is identified by “not causing loss of capillary density, and being resolved alone or with the help of vitamin supplements”, adds this medical disseminator from the Institute Ricart doctor. The reason? “Nutrition plays a crucial role in hair health,” explains Quintero.

Nutricosmetics and patches

In this sense, Luciana points out “the use of nutricosmetics as a good ally and easy to incorporate into the daily routine” among the remedies for hair loss. Biotin is key according to Nutrilite, as are vitamins B and E and antioxidants. In addition, “we can combine nutricosmetics with hair care treatments that help strengthen the fiber after the summer and prepare it for the seasonal fall. 

Of course, if you are one of those who have neither the time nor the desire for beauty rituals, I propose a very comfortable option: anti-loss transdermal patches, which make it easier to complete the complete treatment. Constancy is fundamental”, reveals the Artero expert.

Exfoliates the scalp

On the other hand, “it is essential to maintain a healthy scalp. Grease, dandruff, and even flaking are also direct causes of hair loss (because they prevent the scalp from being nourished or oxygenated) and are often caused by long exposures to the sun”, points out Giovanna Lucana. As a solution, the expert recommends “ gentle peelings every two months and calming soothing products, which also prepare the hair for autumn”.

Professional and home treatments

Luciana also talks about reparation, the other great concern at this time. “My first recommendation after the summer is to visit the hairdressing salon. Hair cosmetics are very advanced, with tailored treatments that act like band-aids for our hair”. 

Your keys? “ Combine hydration, nutrition, and proteins, as synonymous with density, elasticity, and resistance”. Next, maintenance is carried out at home with “routines that provide elasticity to the hair with serums and oils”, as well as using ionic technology dryers and thermal brushes such as Artero’s, which do not damage the hair.

Avoid irons and tongs

The best? From Aveda, they predict the return of brushing, that traditional form of molding done with a brush and a dryer. “It was very fashionable in the nineties and has come back with a bang so that in autumn we will see beautiful hair with a cover girl effect, inspired by those of supermodels,” reveals Natalia Prager, technical trainer at Aveda. In this way, aggressive straighteners and curling irons can be abandoned in favor of the classics.

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