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The Russian bodybuilder “Gigachad” refers for the first time to the thousands of memes

The Russian bodybuilder “Gigachad” has thousands of memes inspired by his image

Russian bodybuilder Ernest Khalimov is the name of the well-known Average Enjoyer meme, a meme we have seen on different social networks applied in multiple contexts. Despite the fame he has generated due to his viral meme, the bodybuilder and model hid from the media but finally decided to raise his voice in the manliest way possible.

In the same way, this is known as GigaChad, a meme that has had a place both in forums and on social networks, which would be translated into Spanish as a supreme alpha man, a meme born on 4chan that seeks to represent masculinity at the highest level, Ernest Faced with all this unexpected fame, he had rejected several interviews from different media, but finally, this silence came to an end with the opening of his Instagram account “berlin.1969”, where he referred to his acclaimed meme for the first time.

Instagram information about Ernest Khalimov (Russian bodybuilder)

“I have read all the comments and messages.  I must admit that I am surprised that there are so many of you and that you are not harmful.

“Sorry I didn’t respond. It was pleasant to read, although I’m not social (T. rex). In any event, I have nothing to say to you, possibly because your words have made me appear much more interested. It outshines my regular people and is extremely flattering.”

We enjoy your sweet words, sir. I emotionally give back to you the positive vibes you’ve given me. Thank you. Be quiet, and keep control. Protect your personal and family well-being.

Sincerely, Normal People.

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