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The new GANT x Wrangler is pure ‘western’ inspiration in the campaign starring Nadia Lee Cohen

GANT x Wrangler star in one of the most desirable fashion collaborations this fall-winter, inspired by the visual essence of the American West. And to present it to the world, they have chosen the artist Nadia Lee Cohen to direct and star in a campaign that draws on references from western cinema.

As a filmmaker and photographer, Nadia Lee Cohen’s career could not be more exciting and promising. She is a British artist, she has worked with Tyler the Creator, Katy Perry, firms like Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Adidas and Gucci, and she has photographed women like Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian.

On this occasion, it is the inherently American style of GANT and the sporting hallmark of the Wrangler firm, which inspires the artist to work on a campaign that drinks directly from the best cinema of the western genre. “My fascination with Western culture is deep and inherently ingrained. My father learned English by watching westerns, they were always on TV when I was little”, she explains. “Being exposed to those stark technicolor backgrounds and tough, sun-kissed skin was probably the catalyst that found my love for western film and culture. For this campaign, I was especially inspired by the classic Until his time came .”

In this campaign, Lee Cohen performs the functions of director and model, a multitasker that is not strange at all. When asked about her experience during the performance, she is enthusiastic: “It was so much fun! The idea was to approach the films and photographs taken as light tests for Hollywood and create a sense of artifice. I didn’t mean to sound realistic.” To shoot it, of course, she had the best of collaborations. “I didn’t work alone on this campaign, it’s impossible if I’m in the photos,” she explains. “I had an amazing team: director of photography David Lopez, who is a master of cinematic lighting, amazing art director Hans Maharawal and charlie Denis, a longtime collaborator of mine with whom I co-directed the films. His vision was to make moving images that would play on a loop.”

It’s no wonder that with her natural penchant for westerns, Nadia Lee Cohen is fascinated by the GANT x Wrangler collection. “It’s hard to choose! The truth is that I love the whole collection. I like the combination of dark jeans, the vest, and the white shirt “, she assures her, in a commitment to the basics and the garment of the season (the vest).

When asked about her next projects, she is excited, although she is still dodging due to contractual issues: “It annoys me a lot, but I am still under a confidentiality agreement on my last film. But it should be announced very soon!”\

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