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The most beautiful Asian Model Women in the world

Asian Model women’s beauty standards

  • Color of the skin
  • Eyes
  • Browse
  • Nose
  • face shape
  • Figure
  • Hair
  • Clothing and style

Asian model women in most cases, in Russia, adopt the fashion of the West. This applies to clothes, hairstyles, and even appearance. However, along with this, the most beautiful representatives of the weaker in China, Korea, and Japan differ in national standards. The standard is miniature and light-colored skin.

Asian model women standards

Beauty standards in Asian countries, in contrast to Europe, have undergone several dramatic changes. And although it was not customary to wear corsets, front sights, and use white lead, the desire to look attractive pushed women to real sacrifices.

In modern Asian countries, there are national standards, which are partly intertwined with Western features. An attractive appearance is believed to increase the chances of getting a well-paid job and a successful marriage.

Asian model women Color of the skin

The most beautiful Asian girls are the owners of velvety skin of a very light shade. As in European countries, it symbolizes belonging to the aristocratic stratum. However, unlike the fairer romance of Europe, white skin is not characteristic of Asian girls.

asian model women

Most Asian girls are swarthy. The skin is exposed to a quick tan, so in China, Korea, and Japan, you can often find women with umbrellas.


Large almond-shaped eyes are considered the most beautiful in Asia. In Eastern countries, close contacts with the West began to be established in the middle of the 19th century, but even in a relatively short period, the standard for the beauty of the eyes managed to take root. Plastic surgery on the organs of vision among Asian girls is the most common.

asian beautiful Eyes women

At the same time, there are not so many fans of bright eyes. It is very difficult to change the brown color even with contact lenses. More often, women resort to the use of magnifying optical devices that visually double the pupil.


According to Asian women, the curved eyebrows that are familiar to us age the face. In Asia, lines that are neither too thick nor too thin are preferred. They should be straight without a pronounced bend.


The faces of Asian women are sometimes difficult to call expressive due to the presence of a flat nose and the absence of a nose bridge. A small nose pointed at the end, is the dream of many women in Japan, Korea, and China. Plastic manipulations are aimed at making this part of the face thinner, bringing it closer to the European standard.

beautiful asian model women

face shape

The most beautiful Asian girls have V-shaped faces, which also came into fashion from Europe. Narrowing in the chin area is expected. In ancient times, moon-faced representatives of the weaker romance with indistinct cheekbones, a flat nose, and a small mouth were considered beauties.


The most beautiful Asian girls prefer fatness to thinness. Short stature (except in China) and lack of muscles are in fashion.

asian model women

Asian girls are obsessed with slim bodies. Much attention is paid to a balanced diet. The universal worship of thinness has given rise to the well-known Internet phenomenon Belly button challenge, which originated in China. It then spread throughout the world. The point is to touch the navel and waist while placing your hand behind your back.


Asian women are not fans of short haircuts. Long hair is always in trend. Often, the fairer romance experiment with shades, but the natural chestnut or black color remains preferable.

asian model women

Coloring in bright colors, for example, blue, pink, or green, is gaining popularity.

Clothing and style

Despite the national diversity of customs and styles, Asian clothing has a common feature – the fabric traditional for this region. The countries of this region have always been associated with bright silks, satin, brocade, and velvet. The texture of textiles is smooth, dense, and shiny. The main resource in the production is natural raw materials.

asian model women

Mostly black, scarlet, and golden materials are used. Asian peoples are distinguished by the richest and most complex culture. Each element hides a certain philosophy. Usually, 2-3 tones are used in a suit, which is combined in complex patterns.

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