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The mascara I’m using at the ‘rentrée’ is the best I’ve tried this year (and there are a lot of them)

Finding the perfect mascara is one of the most complicated things in this world for me. For most of my life I have used the famous Hypnôse, from Lancôme, and I have been alternating it with other novelties. The problem is that needs to change: from one day to the next, your eyes ask for waterproof formulas (or ones that can be simply removed with water), a change of tone, a more voluminous finish – or longer, or curlier… That’s how it is in my case, and I had been looking for a mask for a long time that would meet my main requirement today: that it remains unchanged throughout the day .

I had just finished one of the biggest mascaras to hit the market this year, and yes, it was wonderful, but I felt the same as the rest I’ve used in recent years: as the hours passed, the pigments fell, which were deposited on the dark circles. I came to think that it was a personal problem since it happened to me with all the ones I tried – and there are many, given the nature of my profession, as a beauty journalist.

I have to admit that I decided to try this mascara in particular because of its packaging since it entered my eyes from the first day. It was the same container as Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipsticks, characterized by being opened instantly by clicking on one end. The set is fine and stylized (how much appreciated to carry it in the bag!), in the emblematic black and gold tones of the firm. A plus? It is an eco-responsible design.

The product promised to provide volume, length, curvature, and definition at the same time, and with how suspicious I am when approaching novelties, I was satisfied that only one of the four was achieved one hundred percent. After two weeks of using it, my verdict is firm: it is a resounding success. Noir Allure, by Chanel, not only meets these three objectives, but the result remains intact all day and without losing pigment. The latter is achieved without having a waterproof formula, and therefore, it is easily removed.

Thanks to the discovery, the return to the office has become easier. Not only for having stopped touching up my mascara but for giving me a good face effect that I had never achieved at this time, with the return to early risers and a busy lifestyle. Without a doubt, Noir Allure is the best mascara I’ve tried this year.

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