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The corset: so you can combine the star piece of the season in your day to day

the new basic item of clothing in the wardrobe is the corset. Fashion goes, comes back, and transforms. And if the corset, originating in the fifteenth century, was the most historic piece in Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe, today it has become a completely timeless garment, always on trend. Whether it’s fabric, leather, or even vinyl, it’s one of the most popular pieces this spring/summer.

Previously related to oppression and now an ally of empowerment and feminine sensuality, the corset has become an obsession for the most famous fashion firms, who have reinvented the classic design of whales and laces using plates, rhinestones and even reproducing the anatomy of the female torso as proposed by Schiaparelli or Tom Ford. Proposals are also joined by several national firms such as Palomo Spain, which opts for shirt corsets, or ManéMané, which chooses to make them order.

Certainly, Tik Tok has proven to be one of the main sources of inspiration and trends, being largely to blame for the rise of corsetry in 2022. Thus, beyond the 90s style and the New Wave of the 70s that have popularized pieces such as Vivienne Westwood’s corset worn by Bella Hadid, wearing pants, skirts, and dresses (or even oversized shirts ) with a corset is the latest style to cause a stir. Not in vain, regardless of the trendy designs, you wear (long, midi or short, colored or with a double waist), corsetry makes it possible to combine all the fashion trends that will matter this summer and the new autumn/winter season.

Of course, the second season of The Bridgertons has influenced us again through the Regencycore style and we can’t help but resort to a total look with the perfect combination of comfort, sensuality, and elegance. From full or mid-torso, solo or layered, all-denim, or rockstar, there are plenty of ways to mix and match corset styles (and personalities) on a day-to-day basis. Here, are 8 street style ideas to inspire you and look amazing and comfortable at all times of the day and events during the night.

metallic tones 

High-waisted pants are usually the best allies of the corset since they mold the piece (even more) to your body and accentuate the waist. Likewise, wearing metallic pieces or a total white look is on the rise among those who know the most: with a white corset together with pants of the same or similar tone, accompanied by a pearl choker –also a strong trend in 2022–  and footwear of the same color, you will achieve the coveted modern regencycore style. A trendy, original, and, of course, very elegant option.

Denim from head to toe 

It would be unfeasible to imagine a life without denim. Denim has a guaranteed space at the bottom of the wardrobe and there is no more versatile look than that made up of a corset made of denim to match the irreplaceable jeans and a jacket of the same material. The perfect minimal look to be fashionable during the day and enjoy your nights out, combining the set with sneakers or, if you prefer to elevate the look, with heels.

Romantic style

Kylie Jenner is one of the fashion prescribers with the most corsets in her wardrobe and to celebrate her 22nd birthday, the celebrity wore a piece of underbust corsetry in white, tied with laces to cinch her waist. A garment that Jenner combined with a short dress with flowers and ruffles and a pair of glasses embellished with pearls. The romantic style is one of the most classic inspirations to combine corsets and dresses of various colors and designs, adapting the look to your personality.

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