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The best eyelash serums to grow longer and thicker

Do you want longer and voluminous eyelashes without having to resort to extensions? Then it is time to discover the best eyelash serums, a product with which to enhance their growth. From thickening to lengthening, lash serums are designed to nourish lashes from root to tip.

Does eyelash serum enhance growth?

In a word: yes. After years of extensions, her lashes were pretty messed up: thin, sparse, and dull. Within a month of using an eyelash serum daily (and despite my initial skepticism), they began to grow three times as long as before.

“Lashes go through a cycle of about three months,” explains Nima Pourian, founder of the cult brand UKLash: “During the growth phase, cells divide rapidly to create new strands; in the transition phase, the eyelashes stop growing and the fiber stops receiving blood flow; and in the final phase, the resting phase, the fully formed hairs remain rooted, while new ones begin to grow underneath”.

Thanks to its powerful load of different nutrients, the action of the eyelash serum reduces the fall and stimulates the appearance of new filaments in the growth phase, while strengthening and nourishing the lashes that persist from the resting phase. “Our serums are suitable for anyone who wants to achieve longer, fuller and healthier lashes,” says Pourian. “They can be used even after chemotherapy treatment to encourage regrowth. We’ve heard wonderful stories from clients who have been able to regain their lashes after losing them completely to chemotherapy.”

Can the eyelash serum cause a reaction?

Most serums are made from natural ingredients, such as lipids and peptides, which in theory should not cause any reaction. But, like most beauty formulas with powerful active ingredients, it’s wise to test the product on a small area first: “It’s very rare for someone to react,” says Pourian, “but eyes are especially sensitive, so it’s always better to check first. It’s also important to follow the instructions to the letter and not abuse.” If you still have any concerns, consult a doctor before starting to apply a new serum, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any illness. 

What are the best eyelash serums?

There are plenty of options, from high-end to more affordable; that condition or strengthen. The important thing is to find the most suitable serum for your needs. This is Vogue‘s selection of the best eyelash serums:

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