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The 9 Biggest Video Game Bosses Of All Time

These 9 biggest video game bosses will make you dizzy.

We all love the feeling of immensity that video games sometimes give us. It’s one of the reasons why open-world games are so successful. We also like the immensity of some of the challenges that games can give us.

Souls-like games are particularly known for this. Not least because of the sometimes extremely tough bosses in these titles. Video games have a lot of very difficult bosses, but also several very, very imposing ones. We wanted to list the 9 most gigantic bosses in the history of video games.

9 gigantic bosses that will make you dizzy

If you’ve played them before, you won’t forget the 9 bosses we’re going to talk about. Not only do some of them conclude the adventure, but their immensity also represents a technical feat, especially since all the games in our top are not from yesterday. You won’t be surprised to find bosses from God of War or Shadow of the Colossus.

A noter que l’un des boss de cette liste réussit la performance de figurer également dans notre classement des boss les plus longs à battre du jeu vidéo. Auxquels vous pouvez aussi vous mesurer si vous êtes courageux et que vous avez du temps devant vous… Découvrez dès maintenant la liste des 9 boss les plus gigantesques de l’histoire du jeu vidéo.

Adamantoise – Final Fantasy XV

Adamantoise is really impressive. The huge rock boss, which is an integral part of the scenery before you come to challenge it, reaches so high that it may well make you dizzy. The technical performance is quite impressive, as modeling and animating such a huge boss is not an easy task. A first in the history of the Final Fantasy saga, a license whose opuses we have ranked.

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Malus – Shadow of the Colossus

Given the nature of the game, Shadow of the Colossus could have easily placed several of its bosses in the ranking. But we chose to include only the most impressive of them: Malus, the final boss. Climbing to the top of the colossus will require a lot of dexterity and patience. But the “trip” is worth it as the experience is dizzying.

The Savior – Devil May Cry 4

The battle against the Savior is one of the most spectacular in the Devil May Cry series. Breaking the gems of this extremely intimidating boss will require coordination and patience, as the fight lasts for many minutes against the colossus.

Cronos – God of War III

The God of War series knows how to make us dizzy by putting huge bosses in Kratos’ path. Cronos, in addition to being gigantic, is still quite scary. The confrontation against Cronos is one of the best of the saga. Let’s hope that the next God of War will be able to give us the same sensations.

Stone Titan – Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, and the Stone Titan is the best example. As with the colossus in Sony’s title, you’ll have to climb on your opponent to destroy his weak points.

Grun – Nier Automata

You will meet this gigantic boss in the first hours of Nier Automata. As usual in the series, the confrontation is divided into several long phases, allowing you to take the full measure of the colossus you are facing.

Jubileus the Creator – Bayonetta

The end boss of the first Bayonetta, also known as the creator, has a huge scale. The staging of the fight, which includes a sequence that takes place in space, makes the boss even more intimidating.

Louise – NieR Replicant

In the 2010 version of NieR, Louise was not present. This remake features one of the most impressive bosses in the game and the largest in size. With her overpowered attacks and her size, Louise is really intimidating.

Wyzen – Asura’s Wrath

Have you ever seen an opponent the size of the world? If you know Gongen Wyzen, the final boss of Asura’s Wrath, you’ll understand why he’s on this list. If not, the picture should be enough to justify his presence.

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