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Tartan: all the keys to mastering it and creating infinite looks

Tartan has been with us for a few seasons now. Many will even say that it has never left. The checkered pattern that dates back to early 16th century Scotland, and was made their own by punks during the 1970s, has been a constant in fashion ever since. This print, dyed and reissued ad nauseam, can evoke movements that are, a priori, antagonistic as the grunge scene and the ‘preppy’ trend. But despite its ubiquity, the tartan is still a bit scary and sometimes we have a hard time betting on it.

But not everything is going to be total looks or trend pieces, which tire us shortly after having bought them (whether in a store or the family wardrobe). There are skirts, coats, and other accessories that can perform the functions of a basic garment, which is passed from generation to generation. The key is to combine them with dark or crude colors: beige, black, and brown will be your best allies; and with classic and slightly punk patterns. The rest is up to you.

These are the 10 garments that you can combine as if it were a game. Because this mix and match will allow us to create infinite looks. It’s just a matter of trying, what is certain is that you will always, always, always be right.

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