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Taking this fruit in the afternoon helps fight abdominal inflammation

Yes, taking this (unexpected) fruit in the middle of the afternoon, or even in the middle of the morning, helps fight abdominal swelling and fluid retention. And we don’t say it, but nutritionists and various investigations that debunk the popular belief that bananas make you fat. Andrea Vázquez Remuiñán, pharmacist and nutritionist of the Marta Masi group, confirms that the banana is an excellent option to take in the afternoon or as a midday snack, among other things, because it helps, not only to fill us up but also to deflate us. “The banana is a good option because despite having a reputation for being a caloric fruit, it is not like that,” says the expert.

When and how to take it

“I usually recommend eating a banana mid-morning or mid-afternoon because it is quite satiating and helps us get to meals without being overly hungry. Another option is to include it at breakfast,” says Vázquez Remuiñán. Another alternative, according to the expert, is to prepare a cold banana smoothie made with a vegetable drink.

The benefits of potassium

It is a fruit with high fiber content, satiating and good for intestinal transit. In addition, it has a high potassium content. And here is the crux of the matter since, as the experts at the Germaine Goya center also confirm, “potassium is the mineral that complements sodium in the balance of liquids in the body. Unlike the first, potassium can increase urine production and thus reduce sodium levels in the body, its balance prevents swelling”. Hence, they recommend increasing the consumption of fruits such as bananas, rich in this mineral, especially when the inflammation is caused by fluid retention as it helps control fluid balance in the body.

Dismantling myths

Given that we have grown up with the idea that it is a fruit not recommended in weight loss diets and even one of those foods that can cause inflammation due to its content of natural sugars, many publications confirm that its high content of potassium and magnesium It helps improve the health of digestive bacteria and therefore reduce inflammation in the body.

In fact, Harvard University remember both the defense that was made of the nutritional value of this fruit in 1917 in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century the banana was declared the first superfood. What’s more, Harvard experts also specify that there is no scientific evidence that it can promote weight gain, but rather the opposite. Studies carried out over 24 years among thousands of men and women confirm that bananas are even associated with weight loss at the same level as other fruits such as apples or pears. Therefore, long live the banana. 

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