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Summer wreckers (or how to survive the beach bar without breaking your diet)

Who is the austere who renounces beach barsterraces, parties… without giving in to the temptation of having an aperitif? It is not easy to have a balanced diet, but the reconciliation between pleasure and snacking is not impossible. “We are in summer and we cannot think about diet or restrictions, we have to put our heads in ‘it’s time to enjoy’ mode, understanding by enjoying being healthy, not getting stuffed, not eating or drinking without meaning”, says Dr. Elena Soria , nutrition expert at the Clínica Menorca, who knows perfectly the summer dietary temptations, which should be unmasked so that they do not sabotage the summer fun and we can enjoy without regretting later. It’s possible! Just think a little before ordering and take into account the advice of those who know about this .

alcoholic temptations. Which ones are fatter? 

“Alcohol is pure energy –7 kcal/g on average–; Since it cannot be stored in the body, it has to be oxidized to become energy and thus eliminated. As the body has energy to spare from the extra alcohol intake, it stops burning fat. Or what is the same, the metabolism stops and it no longer burns calories, but rather stores them”, explains the beautician Marta García , specialist in nutrition. But there is more, “alcohol not only provides empty calories, but also accelerates cellular inflammation –glycation–, alters the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, which means that instead of burning calories, we store them (both those contained in the drink itself like the rest of those that we ingest in your company), and to top it off, it dehydrates”. Not only does it hinder the diet, it also breaks down the skin.

Give up everything? Nope; reason and drink ‘counting sugars in sips’. What breaks the diet the most are sugary soft drinks (150 calories and about 40 grams of sugar that are equivalent to about 10 tablespoons of dessert); gin and tonic type drinks ( some have more calories than a full meal, without providing any nutrients); vermouth ( 100  ml = 170 kcal); beer (a beer = 70 kcal); the Tinto de Verano with soda or soda (125 kcal per glass), the same as white wine …, the latter also with an added spoiler, since when you drink it fresh you drink up to three times more than red wine… . So,the best to ‘sin’ would be the option of red wine (1 glass = 125 kcal), which is consumed more slowly. Just having a glass of white wine or beer is more difficult.

Snacks prohibited? Not all, but…

Do not forget the dietary rules that Dr. Soria explains. Here they go: “100 grams of chips contain about 550 kcal per 100 g., dried fruits around 530; but the latter are healthier than the former, loaded with almost never good oil, while nuts are healthy fats, as long as we eat a handful a day; no more, and better raw or grilled, not fried. Olives are lighter, and also healthier than chips, at around 115 calories per 100g. But you also have to be careful with the quantity, and if they are seasoned, you have to be even more stingy in their consumption. The pickles –gherkins, onions, capers…–, are thelighter and healthier because they are still vegetables, make sure of their quality and that their dressing is as natural as possible, vinegar and spices and without too much accompaniment –boquerón, anchovy–”.

As far as tapas are concerned, “the chorizo ​​–and its cousin the salchichón–  has between 300 and 450 calories per 100 gr. depending on the type, but a cap of 1-3 slices does not have to scare you. If it is a sandwich or a portion of sausages soaking the bread in their fat, that is another matter. And the serrano ham? It is more benevolent, since 100 gr. they only provide about 240 calories. A tortilla skewer is about 300 calories, to which you have to add the bread. It is better to take it for breakfast than as a snack. Molluscs , alone, with lemon or in a sauce is also a good appetizer idea, healthy and low in calories, such as grilled or cooked prawns, without mayonnaise, or shellfish in general. Salads, like pipirrana , are a very healthy and refreshing option ”. The best Law, ensure that the bread does not intervene too much in the appetizer .

Enjoy in a healthy way? Dipe ! _

“There are more and more options to enjoy a balanced snack , whether we prepare it at home or on the menus of beach bars or on the supermarket shelves,” says Miren Aierbe , culinary and nutritional specialist at Florette , the brand that has just launched Dipeo , a tasty alternative based on fresh vegetables, artisan pickles and a delicious fine herb cheese sauce , perfect for sharing – you can even take it on a picnic. Dipping is a good resource for healthy snacking , you don’t need more than a hummus, which admits many variants –since it can be made with cooked chickpeas, avocado, roasted red pepper, beetroot…– and spread with vegetable sticks such as carrot, red pepper, cucumber or celery. Neither bread nor nachos, pure green energy that, as corroborated by the study of the same brand, “Eat well to be happy” , eating in a healthy way helps us reduce stress . According to 30% of those surveyed, they claim to be calmer when they base their diet on this type of food.






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