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Shah Rukh Khan’s 7 Best Movies, According To IMDb

Shah Rukh Khan’s  Best Movies

Shahrukh Khan’s best movies According to IMDb, this name is very well both inside and outside of the India’s boundaries. In the early 1990s, Khan introduced corporate Bollywood movies to a worldwide audience and rose to fame thanks to his boy-next-door personality, charming personality, and glamour.

Khan began his career as a pro, and several of his earlier IMDb-rated films had him in a negative avatar, while being typecast as the traditional romantic hero.

His career as a romantic hero started with the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. which lead to him being called “The King of Romance.making him one of the richest actors in the world. than any his Hollywood colleagues and even surpassing them in income. the biggest Indian superstar of his generation

Many people are interested in learning more about Indian cinema legends like Shah Rukh Khan, commonly known by his nickname “King of Bollywood,” in light of the tremendous critical praise and box office success of the Telugu film RRR. The best films by SRK show his versatility and impressive acting skills, from the epic romance drama Devdas to the sports drama Hey Ram.

Shah Rukh Khan’s  Movies

1 Chak De! India (2007)

Former Indian men’s hockey team captain Kabir Khan has join the women’s national team as a coach. The latter had been dominated by the men’s over the years, and Kabir wants to build the team from the ground up while still restoring lost glory.

He is a demanding taskmaster who quickly separates the females. Although the team had already been in sixes and sevens, his challenging form also sowed the seeds of motivation. The ragged team makes it to the Women’s Hockey Tournament and goes on to win it after starting as the favorite, showing that training with an iron hand does pay off finally. Kabir is also capable of healing her at the last.

2 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

This uncomplicated love story between two second-generation Indians who were born and raised in England is probably the most well-liked and successful of Shah Rukh’s films. The romance movie from the 1990s, which was widely spread, was one of the first to catch the attention of viewers everywhere.

Even today, viewers are still attracted by the story of Raj and Simran, which also retains the title of being the oldest movie in the nation after more than 25 years of continuous screenings at a single Mumbai cinema. With its first key characters being non-resident Indians, DDLJ, well-known to fans worldwide, was like a breath of fresh air.

3 My Name Is Khan (2010)

Another highly respected movie, My Name Is Khan, told the tale of Rizwan Khan, an autistic man who’ve become engaged in the horrible Twin Towers disaster’s wake.

Maya, the Hindu lady Rizwan is married to, has a son from a previous marriage who had been emotionally abused on a sports field because he had a Muslim father. When her internal injuries cause the boy to pass away, Maya is devastated and even considers her husband partly responsible for the shocking loss of her son. The President of the USA is then seen by Rizwan who informs him that although though he is Muslim. he is not a terrorist. Shah Rukh Khan’s performance in the movie, which departs from his well-known

.Kal Ho Na Ho (2003)

If people would like to despair, they should see the sad film Kal Ho Na Ho. In the movie, the energetic Aman feels embarrassed for a young woman named Naina, but he is not able to communicate them to her because he has a severe heart condition and is knows that she may go away at any time. He then focuses her entire attention to getting Naina and Rohit, a friend of hers who has a crush on her, together.

Eventually, Naina marries Rohit, and Aman died happily realizing that Naina is with someone who will take for her and make her happy. When it first presented in cinemas nearly 20 years ago, the movie did not leave viewers with dry eyes.

5 Veer-Zara (2004)

Major Veer Pratap Singh, played by Shah Rukh, is an Indian Air Force officer who falls in love with Pakistani girl Zaara in an epic love story that attempts to bridge the gap between the two similar nations.

Veer and Zaara decide to end their love, but due to the fraud of Zaara’s fiancée, Veer is wrongly imprisoned in Pakistan for the future 22 years as an Indian spy.

Then a young Pakistani lawyer named Samiya shows in; she is given Veer’s case and battles. doggedly for his release, getting Veer together with Zaara—who, after all, has never been allowed to marry the process.

Khan most likely only performed in this one film as both a young and an old guy.

6 Baazigar (1993)

Baazigar is a powerful passion film that relates the tale of Ajay Sharma, whose father was betrayed by Madan Chopra, a lowly clerk who destroyed Sharma’s father and taken power of his growing business before becoming a major drug billionaire. Ajay’s father died to shock, leaving him and his elderly mother to live in filth.

Ajay approaches Seema, the eldest daughter of Chopra, and kills her to start his grand deception. Then he gives her a new name and seduces Priya, the youngest daughter of Chopra, who immediately falls in love with him and he with her right away. But he keeps winning over Madan Chopra, who is absolutely oblivious of his true identity. His prime goal is to get back what his father lost.

7 Devdas (2002)

A timeless love story based on the work of an Indian author, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, Devdas follows the main character who becomes dependent on alcohol after experiencing heartbreak when the woman he loves, Paro, marries another due to great class differences between their two families.

Devdas finds solace in alcohol, but also regularly visits Chandramukhi, a professional dancer who begins to fall for him. Ultimately, Devdas has a tragic ending, making for a heartbreaking love story that is nonetheless worth watching.

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