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Rosalia has been made with the most coveted sneakers (and thus combines them)

Our national icon, also known as Rosalía or Motomami, landed on September 18 in New York. Her performance at Radio City Music Hall was, as you might expect, an absolute success. The tickets sold out in a matter of days, and so did the sneakers with which she was seen taking a walk through the Big Apple; Nike Shox with two-mile aesthetic springs that are impossible to find both on the web and in the brand’s stores. Could it be that the Rosalía phenomenon has achieved another sold-out? Seeing the success of her looks throughout the summer, she would not surprise us.

Don’t panic, in case we can’t get hold of these coveted sneakers, the singer has put two other trends on our radar that we can, from now on, include in our looks. First, a black lingerie dress. Yes, it may not seem like a very convincing purchase considering that summer is (unfortunately) coming to an end, but we assure you that combined in the right way it can be a very good option for the autumn/winter season.

The trick to wear it without dying of cold would be in the overlapping of garments: be it underneath with a turtleneck shirt; like Rosalía, or above; with overshirts or sweaters. If we go more for the Catalan option, adding a matching cap is a guaranteed success. This one, in particular, is from the famous John Deere tractor brand, in the same brown as the artist’s transparent top (by the way, transparencies are back to stay). But if the much-desired sneakers are still on your mind, don’t worry. While we cross our fingers for them to be replaced, we have selected some very similar ones that, without a doubt, any Motomami would approve of.

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