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Rania from Jordan: 3 official poses to celebrate her 52nd birthday

Rania from Jordan has been falling in love with her outfits for decades and today it is already undeniable that the queen of Jordan has become not only a world leader at a diplomatic level but also in terms of fashion. And it is that with more than seven million followers on Instagram, this queen ‘ influencer ‘ is currently a true icon of modernity in the East.

Since her relationship with Abdullah II, King of Jordan, began, Rania has become living proof that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. The couple, who met at a dinner with friends in early 1993, announced their engagement just two months later and just five months later they were enjoying a happy marriage. But the fairy tale does not end here, because neither of them imagined what the future held for them: 13 days before his death, Hussein, the former king of Jordan, changed his succession plans and named Abdullah, the second of his 12 sons, as future king. In this way, on February 7, 1999, Rania assumed the throne of Jordan together with her husband. The rest is history. At the moment they are already 29 years old and from what it seems, both are still just as in love as on the first day.

This year, however, has been a particularly important year for the Jordanian court, since this summer, Rania herself excitedly announced the engagement of two of her four children, Crown Prince Hussein bin Al Abdullah and Princess Iman bint Abdullah . . For all these reasons, it is undeniable that the summer season has been pure happiness in the family life of the queen of Jordan, and what better way to end the summer than celebrating her birthday. A break between the wedding preparations for what will be the events of the year at the Royal Hashemite Court (and in which, surely, the mother of the bride and groom will not leave us indifferent with her outfits).

We will have to wait until then to discover what Rania has prepared for such events, but for now, we can settle for the three fashion lessons left by her already traditional annual posing, which this 2022 was presented triple and with a few days of advance to your anniversary. Three looks have been chosen for the occasion: a dress inspired by the traditional clothing of Jordanian women, in black and red; a navy blue suit with silver details that reminds us of the one queen Letizia wore a few weeks ago for the delivery of the Miguel de Cervantes Spanish-language literature prize, and a mustard-colored two-piece with a discreet paisley print signed by Erdem, a signature that is also often used by another of our favorite royals, Kate Middleton, and that the queen premiered last year for a meeting with the former Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser of Qatar.

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