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Perfect summer manicure: how to extend its duration when you do it yourself

The perfect manicure isn’t just for the cold months when you keep your nails away from sand, humidity, and sunscreen spray. If you take care of yourself and polish your nails yourself, following the traditional technique, you can show off the summer trends without resorting to semi-permanent nail polish (with the accompanying maintenance tricks ). This is guaranteed by Judith García, founder and CEO of Mani Cure, a Madrid-based nail care company home. The expert shares several tips to make the most durable manicure during the holidays.

Judith begins by reminding us of the importance of reducing the impacts on the nails. “In reality, the fundamental thing is to prevent physical and chemical damage: the more blows and the greater contact with chemical and fatty products, the more affected it can be.” In this way, it is not only about avoiding scratching surfaces, or taking special care when using your hands: there is a product that we use repeatedly in summer and that can become the greatest enemy of our enamel if we do not apply it in the right way: oils and sun creams.

As for the chosen ones, Judith encourages us to “choose light colors, so that the growth of the nail and the imperfections are not so noticeable”. Naturally, the dark ones tend to enhance, not hide the appearance of the nail. under the enamel, so it is preferable to wait a few months to launch the fall fashion color.

Not only the enamel, but you can also improve the appearance of the manicure with a simple gesture: “If we wear normal enamel, the top coat will look ‘aged’ before by the water of the sea and swimming pool, as well as by the sand of the beach”, warns Judith. To combat it, ” a layer of top coat could be added to all the nails when you see that they have lost their shine.” Of course, clean the surface of the nails with alcohol beforehand, or it will not adhere properly and will be counterproductive. As we have already seen, they must be impeccable before applying each layer of enamel.
Finally, there is another reason that, beyond the summer, can spoil a perfect manicure: the fact that they are weak and brittle because whether they break or are about to do so, they will make the enamel come off. Hence, in general, it is convenient to use ” a megabase that strengthens the nail a little, giving it more thickness and resistance,” says the Mani Cure expert.

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