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outfits with vests – check which ones will be trendy

outfits with vests for Women

outfits with vests have become an undeniable hit of the new season. From now on, they complement not only stylizations for cool September evenings and elegant sets with a suit set. They are also a great complement to walks in the woods and even evening meetings in the city. Both models are made of quilted material and bold leather proposals are in fashion. Which of them is worth betting on? Here are our personal favorites!
outfits with vests for women – discover the most fashionable models
In autumn, not only women’s knitted vests will be permanently present in our wardrobes. Equally good choices will also be:

outfits with vests for Women

Ugly sweaters

Particularly those that have a unique throwback theme with vintage school gems. It is the ideal solution for a plain button-down shirt or a suit. Additionally, those with an extended cut are advised since they can successfully take the place of blouses and short, warm dresses in the fall. In the shade of creamy coconut, juicy orange, or perhaps candy pink? They’ll all perform flawlessly.

stitched with down

Women’s quilted vests are currently experiencing a renaissance. Moreover, they come in many different variants. As trendy as long, exaggerated knee-length models in a casual style, there are also those with a crop top cut and a sporty design. We will combine them primarily with knitted sets, long boots with tractor soles, and voluminous warm sweaters.

made of leather and fabric

moreover, among big, packed shoulders. This style will cause a great stir inside the fashion world this season, despite the fact that it may be connected to fairly unfashionable vests worn by “taxi drivers.” It will appear in both formal and casual stylizations, particularly with big shirts. Additionally, it will look fantastic in mixes that lean somewhat toward masculinity and Danish minimalism.


Or about long vests for women, which would be suitable to Scandinavian fashionistas? Fur vests and a warm lamb will be ideal for this role. How can you mix them? With long, flowing boho dresses, wool outfits, and fur-trimmed accessories. inevitably in a duet, the waist is constricted by a belt. This a wonderful suggestion for both regular use and sophisticated combos.

Women’s vests in fashionable versions – styling suggestions

How to outdo women’s vests from Ebutik. pl in (un)everyday stylizations to avoid boredom? Check out our suggestions:

Casual 2.0.

For this combination, we suggest a harmonious trio – a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a long quilted vest (preferably in one shade). It will be perfect not only for sports shoes but also boots on tractor soles. It will look great as a loose style for the city, as well as an outfit for morning jogging. Stylish and functional.

Elegant mono-look

Fans of classic elegance will surely like monochromatic total looks this year. How to create it? It is enough to match a cream vest with cigarillos in the same color, loafers with a decorative chain, and a quilted satchel. Add a subtle set of gold jewelry and you’re done.

Romantic bohemian

And finally, a memory of this year’s summer, i.e. boho style styling. What do you like about this list? First of all, a fur or suede vest, airy, floral dress, and raw, natural accessories (wooden necklace, bead bracelets, or feather earrings).

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