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Olivia Palermo or the definitive confirmation that moccasins will be the most desired shoes this season

Of all the international fashion weeks, the one in New York is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic. And it is that in the big apple, everything is big. Its streets become authentic catwalks, where the greatest references in the world of fashion put on their best looks, creating a wide range of inspiration for many generations.

If anyone knows about this, that’s Olivia Palermo, it girl who has become a reference for her special taste, thanks to her already iconic outfits, which mix originality and preppy style in equal parts.

And in a few days in which the world of fashion has had its eyes fixed on New York, the socialite has surprised again with a look that has done magnificent justice to the maxim of ‘less is more. On this occasion, Palermo has only needed to resort to three basics that many of us probably already have in the closet, to outshine half the world.

As the basis of the great stylistic success, the New Yorker opted for beige leather shorts, which also confirmed the persistence of this garment in our wardrobes for this season. As a total look, the American added a safari jacket on her shoulders in the same tone and material, underlining that simplicity, dynamism, and order, which also allowed her to include a striped shirt in light tones that the socialite wore open showing cleavage.

However, what made the look special were the shoes, namely loafers. Comfortable and timeless in equal parts, loafers are essential that, despite having been forgotten for seasons, have managed to reposition themselves in the place it deserves in recent years, even becoming indispensable for firms such as Miu Miu, Prada, or Chanel.

The resurgence of loafers indeed came hand in hand with its most unexpected evolutions, adding chunky or track soles; but gradually nostalgia has taken over and the most classic ones are already our favorites.

Returning to that evocative, as well as inspiring classicism, Olivia has opted for a flat black moccasin model, with the upper part in brown-toned snakeskin and a gold chain, making a nod to the colors of the outfit chosen by it. girl, although in a discreet way, faithful to her style.

And it is that even though the combination of loafers with socks, whether they are white creates a groundbreaking contrast, or black to give that retro and masculine touch while being discreet, doing without them can result in an outstanding choice. If you intend to give a touch of sophistication to the style, without losing the classic touch that inspires us with this shoe, avoiding socks, contrary to what we might believe, will be key.

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