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María Pedraza has the most flattering Parisian makeup and hairstyle for back from vacation

In addition to her acting skills, María Pedraza is distinguished by a chameleon-like image. She changes color and cut like lipstick, and even dares with bangs and all possible lengths and textures, but she also gives in to fantasy makeup for significant events. She is not afraid to experiment, and yet, until now, we have not seen her in public wearing a look like this, chosen to announce which Spanish films have been nominated for Oscars. The result stands out for being as comfortable as it is flattering and versatile, and perfect when returning from vacation due to its characteristics.

It is a look marked by red lipstick on skin with a tan effect, accompanied by a polished updo with a parting in the middle. The set is so graphic and minimalist in appearance that it is most effective: it creates an elegant effect and effortlessly highlights the features, following the maxims of Parisian make-up. The same thing happens with hair: less is more, and the execution is very simple.

However, it is not about adorning the washed face with lipstick; María Pedraza incorporates (at least) four products that change everything with wonderful subtlety: bronzing powder, carefully applied to the cheekbones, forehead, and chin; black eye pencil, used only on the upper lid above the lash line; earth-toned eyeshadows that add even more warmth to her already tanned face; and products to make up the eyebrows. Because of their colors and the way they have been used, they all meet the goal of sculpting the face.

As for the updo, it is the ideal hairstyle to solve a bad hair day, since it only requires a styling product to shape it and a rubber band to tie it. Its sophisticated finish makes it perfect for a big event, but it’s so easy to recreate that it elevates any everyday look. With the parting in the middle, it stylizes the square face of the actress, although it also has a positive effect if she wears the parexitxt to her.

Now that you are probably tanned and your hair is showing signs of the ravages of the sun, it is proposed as a simple and ultra-flattering option, which will fit as well in autumn office looks as in those of a guest. Of course, all the merit goes to the red lipstick with a matte finish, which according to Gabrielle Chanel, could remedy even post-holiday depression. As she used to say: “If you’re sad, put on more lipstick and attack.

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