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Lady Di took her first: Sofía Vergara signs up for the most sophisticated manicure of all time

“Lady Di wore it first”, a phrase that is repeated a lot in the writing of ‘’ when we talk about fashion trends and also beauty. It is not for less, it is already known by all those present here that Diana of Wales was one of the most stylish European royals and that she has inspired the most with her look over the years. It is so much so that, to this day, she is still an icon of ageless style and is not missing from the mood board of any of those who know the most about fashion.

This is also the case with Sofía Vergara. The actress, who was seen in Beverly Hills showing off a perfect look in different shades of green, also wore bright red nails of medium size and with a rounded silhouette that was very reminiscent of Lady Di’s favorites. Inspiration or chance?

Both Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton always resort to manicures in neutral tones that do not make their hands stand out too much – you know, things of the protocol. However, as we already know, Lady Di was different. “I like to be a free spirit. Some do not like it, but I am like that, ”she said in an interview. Her hairdresser, Sam McKnight, revealed that Diana bit her nails and that, when she finally stopped doing it in 1991, she was “so proud of the way she looked” that she chose a vibrant shade to show it off. of them. Ultra-bright red nails became her alternative to the power of a red lip and she painted them that way for important events where she was going to be the center of attention. 

In a world where the most daring and crazy nail arts dominate the most requested manicures in beauty centers, the sophisticated red manicure like that of Sofía Vergara and Lady Di is a breath of fresh air that classic girls will love.


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