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Kendall Jenner sued over disrupted filming

Kendall Jenner model

Popular model Kendall Jenner got into a scandal. The star disrupted the shooting of a fashion brand and now has to pay them $ 1.8 million. More details in our material.

Italian clothing brand Liu Jo has filed a lawsuit against 25-year-old Kendall Jenner. According to representatives of the brand, the model violated the terms of the contract and disrupted the shooting.

The fact is that Liu Jo and Kendall signed an agreement according to which the star was supposed to take part in two photo shoots, but starred in only one. Due to the pandemic, the date of the second shooting had to be postponed, so the representatives of the brand offered the model to choose any convenient time, but she rejected this request.

Later, Liu Jo again suggested that Kendall reschedule the shooting for a time that would suit her, but her managers refused and said that “it can’t be done.”

Interestingly, Jenner received a fee for two shoots. She was paid $1.3 million, but now she will have to return this money and pay compensation for breach of contract. In turn, the model’s managers say that they have tried many times to find a compromise with the brand. Kendall’s modeling agency The Society Management also stood up for the star and called the lawsuit “unfounded.”

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