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Introduce leather into your looks (or the 5 garments to be on trend this fall)

Leather has been expanding its comfort zone for a long time  —based, until a few years ago, on jackets and accessories, above all— to sneak into our daily outfits with shapes as disparate as skirts, pants, even headdresses or underwear. (where this material is rampaging). The safest thing is that you keep a piece of leather in your wardrobe, and the safest thing is that it is also one of the ones that have most resisted the unstoppable pace of fashion.

This autumn was not going to be less, although it does not catch us by surprise: catwalks and street styles from all over the world have been announcing it for months. Here, we have selected the five key garments if you want to join this trend in style.

1. A colored trench coat

We know, giving up black is sometimes complicated, but adding a colored trench coat will elevate your looks to the maximum and we promise you that it is much more versatile than it seems. If you still don’t dare to bet on a total look like the one we propose, this garment is a very good option to start with.

2. Bermuda shorts for day to day

The shorts that we hated as children have been in the limelight for a few years now (and in our dressing room, everything comes back, right?). Based on succession in all firms, they have become that essential garment for any self-respecting it-girl. And if they are leather, much more. To combine with stockings or cowboy boots —among its millions of possibilities—, the shorts will save you the looks of any time of the year.

3. A very flattering skirt

Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Balmain have already managed to add them to our wishlist for next fall. If leather is not your thing, it may cost you a little more to visualize yourself in this garment, but skirts (and especially ‘maxi’ ones) can become a basic in your wardrobe as much as good jeans. Fiance.

4. A jacket: blazer, biker, or bomber

Perhaps the most versatile. Grease‘s star garment is presented to us this fall as a blazer, biker, or bomber. Both to give a dominatrix touch to your looks and to combine it in the purest Olivia Newton-John style. It’s all about daring, right?

5. Versatile pants

For day to day with a sweater and sneakers, to go out to a party with a top and heels, to go to dinner with a blouse or shirt and ankle boots… it will be the new little black dress in the autumn version of all your looks. And the best: we promise you that it will not go out of style. Guaranteed success.

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