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ICON Power Peptides, the most complete hair treatment

natural innovation

For more than 20 years, the ICON firm has been synonymous with hair care based on scientific research at the service of the best natural ingredients. As a result of this innovation, Power Peptides was born, the most complete treatment that provides your hair with all the nutrients it needs with a single gesture since it does not need rinsing and it is enough to use once a week to enjoy its multiple benefits.

Proteins for hair

The main ingredient in Power Peptides is pea peptides, made up of a long chain of amino acids that are part of the pea protein and include glutamic acid, aspartic acid, arginine, and lysine. These are amino acids found in almost all living things. They are part of the synthesis of proteins, which are vital for healthy hair.

Professional results at home

Like the rest of ICON’s products, Power Peptides is designed both for professional use in salons and for those who want the most excellent effectiveness in their treatments at home. Its mode of service could not be simpler (or more effective). Apply two to three sprays to hair washed without conditioner after removing excess water with a towel. Then work it with the palms of your hands throughout the hair for three to five minutes; then comb it and apply your favorite styling products.

An indispensable basic

It is not only the ease of use, which does not require rinsing, which has made ICON Power Peptides the favorite treatment for those who understand hair the most, it is above all the innovation behind its formula. Peptides act as messengers sending signals to the body and hair and activating essential ingredients. In addition, they are highly effective, as they are tiny and can quickly penetrate the cuticle while nourishing the hair follicle.

Results you will notice and notice

ICON Power Peptides build keratin chains, bind hair proteins, and repair elasticity with just one weekly application which, in the case of very damaged hair, can be twice a week until its multi peptides have repaired the optimal hair structure. With a single gesture, you will recover the elasticity, shine, and body of your hair.

All the benefits, a single product

ICON Power Peptides do not require heat for their ingredients to activate and penetrate the cuticle. The amino acid chain prevents breakage, increases elasticity, provides hydration and antioxidants, fights the signs of aging, and acts as a reconstruction chain to provide strength and manageability to all types of hair.

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