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how to view comments on twitter tweets ?

The verdict continues to appear on Twitter as a business tool. It can be a powerful marketing tool or just another platform that spammers can use. Even though I’m not a Twitter expert or an avid user. (You can follow me if you want.) I’ve noticed a few ways that have helped me and some of my clients gain more followers. This article will quickly summarize some useful techniques from my experience.

Don’t try to sell anything.

Like any other online social platform, unincorporated businesses can’t help but look to Twitter as a way to promote their products or business. (as more recently in Tunisia and Egypt) is a welcome change from the norm. But really, buy twitter video views paypal is just another platform where low-budget businesses try to find potential customers in a discreet, unobtrusive way. clear advertisement If you are trying to gain loyal and interactive followers. Offer helpful advice without expecting anything in return. Suspicious observations of your life that people can identify with. Make an objective statement about your business that engages in conversation with your followers. If the link is in your tweet Provide links to helpful articles or advice columns, not landing pages full of ads or freebies. If you are like me, first look and cancel this person immediately.

Focus on quality, not quantity

something called an “expert” may recommend posting a blog tweet to make your post stand out more. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about – 8 or 9 tweets from the same person in a row trying to capture the essence of your tweet feed. Obviously, this is a disturbing and unethical approach to gaining notoriety. (If you want to call it that) I will immediately remove anyone using this strategy. If you want to get more valuable followers than a real spam tweet feed. Instead, create quality posts that engage your audience. A quality daily post is worth more than 20 crappy posts a day. Also try to post a few times a week. This increases the chance that your tweets will be seen. You can also track the performance of your posts throughout the day. Free services like Bitly can help you shorten URL links and track click-through rates. Don’t use links in your tweets? You can try to track the performance of your posts by the responses you receive. If you’re posting between noon and 1pm, EST might be a good idea. because people are having lunch During that time you get more competition. So it’s best to post at 8:30 PM when everyone’s finished eating and feeling more relaxed. Try to plan and see when you get the most responses.

Use hashtags

Keywords or key phrases preceded by a pound sign (#) are called hashtags. Using hashtags in your tweets Your posts will be easier to find – attract as many followers as possible. Hashtags are basically subcategories. Like the “tag” function, it is a subcategory in the blog-o sphere. For example, let’s say you want to tweet about your business. You might be tempted to post something like “Today I’m having fun with my business development strategy session.” If you search for the word “business” on Twitter, you’ll see results from people who: Just mentioned the word “business” in their post. Put the word company in their resume. Or do you happen to use Twitter Trends Search Algorithm? Once a person created a tweet about “is tesla paint non stick” and use the relevant hashtag, then the tweet got trending for the specific hashtags. On the other hand, if you tweet something like “Enjoy today’s #business development Strategy session” you will perform better in search results. 

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Because your company tag is more specific. Now when people search for #business, the search results only show posts with the #business hashtag. This is a more specific way to search on Twitter. Guest users are familiar with hashtags. It also shows which users are using the same hashtag. You can then choose to follow them and hope they will follow you back. Hashtags are also a great way to tweet about events. If you have a large group of users who want to use Twitter before, during or after an event, make sure everyone uses the same hashtag.

Use a Twitter list

At first I wasn’t sure what to do with Twitter lists, but I quickly became a big fan. Twitter lists are a great way to find people on specific topics. I’m always looking

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