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his is the style of Tamara Falcó according to Juan Avellaneda

It is well known that the businesswoman has a passion for fashion in her blood, having grown not only as a woman but also as a stylistic icon. Well, there are already many occasions in which the current Marchioness of Griñón has shown us her unconditional love for fashion, always knowing what to wear and -what is more important- when to wear it; setting a trend but always from her field, without ceasing to be herself.

In addition to being a designer, Juan is a close friend of the marquise, with whom, despite having coincided in several parades and having talked about fashion or his companies, he created a very special bond during his time at the fourth edition of Masterchef Celebrity. During the program, a spark jumped between the two and made them connect one hundred percent to this day, being one of Avellaneda’s best friends. “It was at a parade in Reem Acra and we started talking about what we saw. I think everyone was quiet and we were commenting on absolutely everything… In MasterchefThe the same thing happened to us: it’s as if we’ve known each other forever and thought very much alike about many things. He seemed to me at that time someone who was passionate about fashion and who understood it in a very similar way to the way I did, even with a very, very similar vision. There was a connection ”, Confesses the designer about his first contact with the influencer.

“ Many friendships are like love, suddenly you notice a crush, you don’t realize it and there it is. A bit of the same thing happened to us, suddenly the first day we connected a lot on Masterchef and we didn’t separate. It was a lot of fun because they told us off all the time so that we would shut up or stay still, it was like being in high school with your best friend, although surrounded by fish, meat and vegetables”, recalls Avellaneda. And it is that, if we remember, we will remember wonderful moments that the couple gave us in the program , such as in the elimination of the Barcelonan, who “broke the rules” by going up to say goodbye to ‘Tammy’, to give her a hug and a kiss very touching. Maybe this makes us believe in destiny, since somehow, the program put both designers on the road in a very special way , and thanks to that, the Avellaneda loves Tamara capsule collection emerged ; a proposal full of sparkles, “to shine at Christmas”.

What he likes most about her is her heart and her generosity: “She always has a word of encouragement and that smile that makes anyone fall in love. She is someone who knows how to play with frivolity – super necessary – and the most emotional. For me she is one of my best friends and I cannot imagine my life without her. The words that best define her are good friend .”

According to the Barcelona native, Tamara has always been passionate about fashion, not only because of the influence of her mother, but also of her father. And it is that, no matter how classic her style may seem, the businesswoman knows how to modernize it . “Tamara’s style is a mix between the classic with preppy touches and seasoned with trends, but always always, always taken to her terrain,” Avellaneda tells us. She also adds that she is someone who, in addition, accepts any garment very well: “She knows very well how to take it to her field.”

On the other hand, he confesses that, for him, Tamara’s best outfits are when she does a red carpet or when she opts for the contemporary preppy vibe , always at her own discretion, knowing what is and is not, and even customizing dresses. Haute Couture lent for special occasions and hitting the nail on the head with their decision. “She has a lot of roll! Plus, she’s stylish and mega chic !”

How could it be less, a chat with Juan Avellaneda cannot conclude without a sincere opinion about the outfits of her best friend and, why not, a clear winner of the numerous looks that Tamara has worn in recent years. For him, what suits the marquise best are tops with volume , an Oscar de la Renta- style suit or a super tuxedo ; although he confesses to us that what I like the most is when she wears a “WOW and super beast ” dress.

As for her favorite styling, the one chosen for her 40th birthday – both the party and the post -party – has been the winner , occupying first place on the podium for Avellaneda who, despite considering that as a great preacher of style that is has other great haute couture looks in the closet, she thinks that the garment in question looked spectacular on her – “despite the fact that she said it was a cake”–.

So yes, now we can not only enjoy one of the most anticipated docuseries of the season, but from now on, we can put ourselves in the shoes of Juan Avellaneda himself and judge the looks for ourselves – from the most sophisticated, to the most ‘ routines’ – by Tamara Falcó. Will we be able to choose just one? Only time – and Netflix – will tell.

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