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Here’s What to Know About “Geiger: Ground Zero”‘s Booth at the San Diego Comic-Con

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have produced great work on the primary “Geiger” series and look to move even further beyond the “Junkyard Joe” and “Redcoat” expansion by releasing “Geiger: Ground Zero.” This limited series is being debuted at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con, which is a huge deal for the comic field. People interested in Johns’ work should check out this convention to learn more about what Johns is planning to do with his comic at this event.

Fans Get the Chance to Learn More

When Johns and Frank announced that they’d be discussing “Geiger: Ground Zero” at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con, fans were pumped. These two creators were known to be friendly with fans and more than willing to talk about their work. Though they’ve been pretty hush-hush about the situation so far, here’s what we know that you’ll experience if you attend.

First, they’ll start on Preview Night on July 19 and stay at the booth through July 23, ensuring that you get plenty of time to talk with them. You’ll also learn about what’s going to happen in the comic, including getting a limited-edition, full-color, eight-page ashcan of the upcoming book. This information can help you better prepare for what it might unleash.

Industry insiders feel confident that the comic will include further adventures of Geiger, including a run-in with various criminal dealers in The Unnamed Universe. Geiger’s family is likely to play an even bigger role in this comic, which might give it even more emotional depth.

What’s the Deal With the Show?

If you’re already a confirmed “Geiger” fan and are mostly interested in the TV show, we can’t blame you. As with all Johns’ properties, there’s just something about it that intrigues. We currently don’t know a ton about the show, honestly, but it’s clear that there’s going to be a unique story that focuses on Geiger dealing with a group of criminals.

This unique setup creates a fascinating range of possibilities that make it worth seriously considering. For example, there are many unique directions the show could take, such as exploring more about Geiger’s past or highlighting his family in more depth. Will it bring on Junkyard Joe or Redcoat? That’s something that we’re still not sure about yet.

Whatever the situation, you can be certain that it will be worth exploring! Johns is writing the pilot episode and is involved as the show’s frontrunner. This means he’ll be there to ensure that it stays on the right creative path and doesn’t venture out too far, like so many other shows do, and leave their fans disappointed. Geiger fans should be comforted knowing of his involvement.

Interested In Learning More?

Anyone who’s interested in the unique The Unnamed Universe should attend the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con to meet Johns and Frank and get a first-hand look at what their comic will offer. Their fascinating world is one well-worth exploring, especially if you’re someone who loves unique and interesting post-apocalyptic worlds. Make sure to book your ticket ASAP if interested.

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