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Hand vs. Machine Embroidery – Which to Choose?

Embroidery is one way of showcasing your talent. We do it to make our clothing items unique and distinct from the rest. In addition, people use this craft and open up small businesses. From housemakers to big corporations, everyone enjoys the perks of embroidery. Moreover, embroidery sells considerably well, making it a popular choice among sellers.

However, this century has taken a turn for good. Since the rise of capitalism, you will find huge mills and factories that mass produce embroidered clothing. The result is the decline of original handcrafted art. Therefore, you must spot the difference between the two types.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is passed down over generations. You will find distinct designs in every culture and how they display their art. Moreover, embroidery speaks about one’s origins. Therefore, hand embroidery will always be a part of one’s culture. Here is why you should choose hand embroidery:

  • If you have a different design in mind that you want on your T-shirt, then go for hand embroidery.
  • Having big embroidery machines for a small business can be costly. If you have a knack for creativity, then use hand embroidery.
  • In addition, you use hand embroidery when you have a few clothing items to work on. For example, a company can ask you to embroider 5 to 10 polos for its employees.
  • Hand embroidery preserves one’s traditions and cultures. Therefore, people pass down their aesthetics to the next generation.

Hand embroidery takes its sweet time and much dedication. Therefore, hand-weaved and embroidered clothes are costly.

Machine Embroidery

Nowadays, it is all about machine embroidery. All you have to do is input the design into the software, and the machine will readily embroider the clothes. Moreover, it saves you valuable time. It is the era where money and time go hand in hand. Here are some reasons why we should go with machine embroidery:

  • If you want to mass produce the same embroidered item. For example, if you want to show team spirit in your corporation, you can choose a polo such as Sport Tek LST640or Gildan G280.
  • Use it when you want to save time. Machine embroidery is superior to its counterpart because of time management.
  • Since it is machine embroidery, you will have less labor. Therefore, it will save you production and labor costs.
  • Often, machine embroidered clothes cost less than its counterpart. It is because hand embroidered clothes are vintage and have superior quality.

Tell the Difference

Both types of embroidery have their perks and pitfalls. You can choose any kind which suits you the most. But how to know which one is machine embroidered or hand embroidered? There are a lot of scammers out there who sell mediocre items at a higher price. Here are some ways in which you can spot the differences:

  • Machine embroidery is less vibrant and has lower contrast. Meanwhile, hand embroidery has varied colors and shading.
  • Machine embroidery produces almost identical copies. Therefore, you will not find any variation in quality. Meanwhile, hand embroidery varies with each clothing item.
  • Once you look at the back side of the cloth, you will know the difference. Machine embroidery has almost no breaks in its stitching. Whereas you will find several breaks in a hand-embroidered cloth.
  • Machine embroidery has almost linear stitching. Therefore, there is always symmetry. In the case of hand embroidery, you will find curves and bends depending on the design.

Embroidering on a Polo

Polos are a perfect choice when it comes to uplifting team morale. Whether you are customizing polos for your workforce or sports team, they make a viable option for strengthening esprit de corps. Therefore, you must keep in mind the following tips before you start:

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